Artists, techies, thinkers and explorers of all kinds, share and develop ideas and methods for real-time artistic experience, participation and collaboration, creating public events for interaction between artists and audiences, creatively on their own terms, across online and physical spaces.

Gallery / Exhibitions

Contemporary digital networks and social media offer the potential for a more open relationship between artists and audiences. This can radically change the life of the artwork in the world, the ways in which people come across it and sometimes collaborate in its creation. We host regular exhibitions and public events at our gallery (formerly HTTP) featuring the best of contemporary media art. Furtherfield opened London’s first dedicated gallery for networked and new media art in 2004.

Media Art Ecologies

Our Media Art Ecologies programme stimulates practice and debate about ecological approaches to work at the intersection of art, technology and environment. In the current ecological and economic crises, these works engage imaginations toward a critical view of growth economics and patterns of consumption, inspiring audiences to generate alternative visions of sustainability and prosperity through creativity and collaboration.


We work in different community settings with lots of different kinds of people – including young people, disabled people and homeless people – on projects that explore co-creative processes in a digitally connected world. The ambitious projects that we develop with people receive enthusiastic and positive feedback for their impact on the lives of all involved.

Learning together people gain the skills to create films, games, performances, and their own knowledge- resources, using participatory processes and digital technologies to articulate their own lives and create their own cultures.

We design and facilitate bespoke projects working in collaboration with visionary and experienced individuals – artists, designers, musicians, technologists, educators – and organisations such as the Science Museum, Drake Music, St Mungos, V&A Museum of Childhood,, Haringey Youth Services, The Basement, Peckham Space, The Point, and with Creative Partnerships and A New Direction on 7 large-scale media projects in London Schools since 2007.

If you have ideas for project in your school or community, get in touch.


Our projects are created in the context of a thriving networked culture towards a collaborative, peer to peer philosophy and practice of art.


Our regular live show, hosted by Marc Garrett, highlights current activity and controversies in contemporary practices in art and technology. Guests include artists, techies, writers and curators, who discuss events, exhibitions, debates and their social contexts.  Lively debate and interviews are interspersed with bleeding-edge music and a rolling programme of experimental creative adventures for your amusement.


As part of its artistic programme Furtherfield supports an ongoing programme of national and international residencies with designated facilities for visiting artists. Based near the thriving Green Lanes area of North London with excellent access to London culture, Furtherfield residencies offer a productive and dynamic environment to produce work and develop practices in art, technology and social change.