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Ruth Catlow

Co-Founder and Co-Artistic Director

Ruth co-leads on artistic and curatorial vision for Furtherfield and is the director of DECAL, Furtherfield’s Decentralised Arts Lab. As an artist, curator and researcher Ruth brings 25 years of experience from the intersection of arts and technology to emerging practices in art, decentralised technologies and the blockchain. She develops local, national and international arts, academic and cross-sector partnerships and is an international keynote speaker on art and technology.

Marc Garrett

Co-Founder and Co-Artistic Director

Marc co-leads on artistic and curatorial vision for Furtherfield and is the director of Furtherfield research and publishing. As an artist, curator and researcher Marc brings 25 years of experience from the intersection of arts and technology to emerging practices in art, decentralised technologies and the inequalities of race and class. He is currently completing a PhD at Birkbeck College, University of London.

Dr Charlotte Frost

Executive Director

Charlotte leads on all aspects of strategic development and management. With a BA, PG Dip, MA and PhD in contemporary and digital arts she brings 20 years of experience in arts research, publishing, curation, education, management, communications and marketing. She has held assistant professorships and research fellowships in Europe, the US and Asia and is the author of countless chapters, articles, videos and podcasts on art and technology.

Alessandra (Ale) Scapin

Head of Finance

Ale’s focus is financial management, contributing also to funding and evaluation. She is an art producer and project manager with over 15 years international experience delivering gallery and touring programmes. She has in depth knowledge of the British arts and cultural sector through previous employment at Arts Council England and MA Arts Policy and Management (Curating). Currently based in Rome, she co-directs an artisanal upcycling furniture business.

Ruth Fenton

Outreach Consultant

Ruth consults on outreach and community engagement across Furtherfield projects. She is a skilled artist, producer, educator, and curator with over 15 years of experience working in museums and galleries in the UK and USA. Expert in devising and delivering participatory art projects, she has curated and commissioned new artworks for the Science Museum and developed interactive apps for SFMOMA.

Vinny Montag

Installation Manager

Vinny’s focus is on exhibition design and installation at Furtherfield Gallery and beyond. He has a BA in Design (Goldsmiths, University of London) and MA in Information Experience Design (Royal College of Art) and works as an artist, designer, lecturer and studio coordinator in London.

Yoki Lee

Assistant Producer

Yoki supports production across Furtherfield. She has a BAS in New Media and MSc in Interactive Digital Media and a creative portfolio of multimedia artworks. She is experienced in administration across the arts and e-commerce sectors as well as food and beverage industry.

Studio Hyte

Associate Design Team

Our associate design team are a London based multidisciplinary design studio working between graphic design, interaction and emergent forms of visual communication. They work on self-directed research projects, commissions and client-led projects for a small pool of like minded organisations and individuals.

Larisa Blazic

Artist in Residence

Lara is a London based digital artisan, educator and feminist hacker with practice ranging from to FLOSS art and design. In her most recent work, Data Union Fork, part of Vertigo STARTS Residency, she explores collective response to personal data abuses by state and corporate sector and creates experiments based on technologies developed within the DECODE project and investigates local governance in Local&&Ledger project.

Dennis Dizon

Curator in Residence

Dennis is an independent digital research curator. He runs MATTERS OF — an ongoing critical inquiry into a queer techno-ecological. Dennis is a 2019 recipient of the Robert Rauschenberg Foundation’s Archives Research grant and holds an MRes in Curatorial/Knowledge from Goldsmiths, University of London. He was previously with Google Arts & Culture. Dennis is a Filipino-American based in London; he’s not used to writing in the third-person.