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About Us


Furtherfield is London’s longest running (de)centre for art and technology.

Since 1996 we have developed an international reputation for initiating experiments in artistic co-creation across digital and physical networks.

Image by Pau Ros of activities at ‘Playbour: Work, Pleasure, Surival’ exhibition July-April 2018

We continue to invest time and energy in decentralised and distributed p2p practices, fostering new projects with artists, and seizing and challenging debates about the role of art and technology in society.

We advocate always for open and playful engagement with people and their technologies, encapsulated in a process of ‘doing it with others’ (DIWO).

We have maintained a distinct presence and interconnectedness across networked space whilst remaining grounded in a physical locality, by presenting work through our Gallery and Commons located in the middle of London’s 150-year-old Finsbury Park.

Adventurous digital arts experiences radiate from these venues, transforming the urban park into a platform where people can explore how they want to live in our globally-connected world.


Furtherfield aims to:

1. Produce playful, collaborative art research-experiences that engage critically with emerging network cultures locally, nationally and internationally, online and off, spanning a range of venues and spaces.

2. Pioneer and promote co-creational models that allow everyone access to art and technology, disrupting and democratising existing hegemonies, re-landscaping the terrain.

3. Discover and widely share creative technological artworks that deeply engage with the urgent debates of our time.  

4. Work with free and open source technologies and philosophies, developing a commons culture both digitally and physically – within our Finsbury Park setting and beyond.


In 1996 artists Ruth Catlow and Marc Garrett initiated an online community for collaboration and experimentation, informed by community arts, pirate radio, activism and street art. A grassroots network and programme emerged, inspired by free and open software cultures.  Challenging notions of the individual genius artist this continues to thrive and to engage diverse people with arts, technology and its impact on social change.

Since its formation, Furtherfield has grown and built an international reputation, leading in the theory and practice of digital creativity with a social focus. It has continued to invest time and energy in a decentralised and distributed network, fostering new projects with artists, seizing and challenging debates and always advocating for open and playful engagement with people encapsulated in its process of ‘doing it with others’ or DIWO a term we coined in 2006.

Furtherfield has been distinctive from other organisations in maintaining a presence across networked space and presenting work through its gallery. Its commitment to open and collaborative methodologies and transnationalism has seen it working with artists at all career stages and bringing new, marginal and important messages to wider audiences.


We are a community of radical friends who develop collaborative-imaginative fieldwork together and enable others to do the same.

Down with the exclusive commercial art world and big tech companies that control and kill our cultures.

We are about openness and outreach. We value: polyphony, politics and play; misfits and mayhem; inquisitive and imaginative kind.

We want disruption, democracy, decentralisation, distribution and diversity across art and technology now!

“There is no other gallery like Furtherfield. Situated in the middle of Finsbury Park they attract people from all walks of life and focus on contemporary technology and how it affects the lives of people and the world we live in.”
Liliane Lijn
"The gallery is always great to visit and easily accessible with friends and family, exhibits are always thought provoking and fresh"
“What I like most about Furtherfield is that they don't behave like a normal arts organisation. This is because they go out of their way to engage with people about things relevant to their lives and do so in an exciting and understandable way. They are far more socially resonant than your average art museum or gallery.”
Brett Scott
"Hey Mum, I think I like art now!"
"They sow the digital furrows with distributable crops."
Mark Waugh
98,000 people visited a Furtherfield exhibition or event in 2018