This co-commission with NEoN Digital Arts Festival forms part of Furtherfield’s ongoing investigations into the politics of the blockchain, smart contracts, and cryptocurrency systems like Ethereum. It invites artists to...

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Artist Talks: Carla Gannis and Alan Sondheim

Carla Gannis and Alan Sondheim will be talking about their artwork featured in the new exhibition at Furtherfield Gallery, Children of Prometheus.

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Children of Prometheus

The artists featured in Children of Prometheus at Furtherfield Gallery explore the possible consequences of our scientific and technological imaginings for us as individuals, our society and the world at...

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Blockchain Workshops and Weddings

Part of the NEW WORLD ORDER exhibition at Furtherfield Gallery Brought to us by the Design Informatics team at the University of Edinburgh, our events programme includes blockchain workshops and...

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Manpowertop a workshop by Network Diagnostics

As demonstrated by the works in the NEW WORLD ORDER exhibition at Furtherfield Gallery, blockchain technologies and cultures display a remarkable capacity to embody the interests of diametrically opposed political...

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Offline is the New Luxury - Alison Ballard

Online technologies have intervened into our lives but does this affect everyday experiences? New artworks by Alison Ballard

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Re: development – Inside The Green Backyard

Re: development – Inside The Green Backyard is a collaborative, networked, online exhibition, which celebrates the success of The Green Backyard's campaign to safeguard land. The exhibition features cyanotypes (camera-less...

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Please Identify Yourself.

Furtherfield presents Please identify yourself, a new exhibition by artist collective THEY ARE HERE, informed by their residency at Furtherfield, as well as online & offline activities across Finsbury Park.

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