Transnationalisms is an exhibition exploring changes in how we think about territory, border and movement in an age of increasing digital connectivity and nationalism. Curated by James Bridle at Furtherfield...

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Playbour: Work, Pleasure, Survival

This summer, Playbour: Work, Pleasure, Survival, will transform Furtherfield into a psychological environment comprising a series of games. Offering glimpses into the gamification of all forms of life, players are...

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Soft Sickness: Earthly Dependencies & Compulsive Transfictions

Soft Sickness is a one evening/one day workshop hosted by the research project Shift Register exploring the signs, symptoms, circulations, exchanges, consumptions, dependencies, and management implicit in the multifarious and...

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This is an open call for participants to join a three-day arts + research lab at Furtherfield Commons.

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Design 4 ACTION! Permaculture Course

London’s Permaculture Design Course – Design 4 ACTION (Active Community Transformation In Our Neighbourhoods) is a different kind of permaculture course – positive design for your life, your community and your world...

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Digital Transformations Workshops

Inspired by and building on the exhibition, these workshops will draw together themes and issues which have emerged from the Arts and Humanities Research Council thematic research programmes. Workshops are...

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Poetry for Animals, Machines and Aliens: The Art of Eduardo Kac

In his first solo show in the UK, pioneering media artist Eduardo Kac puts poetry into space in entirely new ways and prompts us to ask “How do words work?...

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Let's Fill this Park with Rabbits!

Families and groups of all ages are invited to design their own giant rabbits and to draw them on Finsbury Park by walking your own rabbit route using GPS software....

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