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Chrystalleni Loizidou
Chrystalleni Loizidou (PhD, Cultural Studies) is a Nicosia-based media scholar who was recently intimidated into deleting from her phone, footage of Istanbul police handling a public protest. For the last couple of years she’s been teaching, or rather working to develop creative shortcuts towards media literacy for university students. Her writing focuses on art and the commons, hacking, leaking, and open data discourse. These days she’s working on a piece entitled “‘They said my mother was corrupt’ and the shifting definition of 'political motivation': real and fake news, whistleblowing, and journalist ethics in east-west media wars.” She is deeply grateful to NeMe’s Monitorial Citizen conference for helping her keep calm and process the inherent politics of her own media-consumption patterns in relation to the anticipated ones of her soon to be born child. http://allonan.com

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