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Zero Gamer – Sometimes we just like to watch


Zero Gamer looks at games played, unplayed and unplayable, the spectator and the spectacle. Sometimes we just like to watch, and machinima, gameplay videos and spectator gaming events take the activity out of interactivity. Zero Gamer presents games that play themselves, video documents of in-game performance, game engine experiments and challenging documentaries on gameplay.

At the London Games Festival Fringe 2007, HTTP Gallery presents the Zero Gamer exhibition in the festival lounge at 01zero-one before its presentation at HTTP Gallery.

The exhibition is curated by critical game theorist Corrado Morgana in partnership with HTTP Gallery. It includes works by Axel Stockburger, TheGhost, Corrado Morgana, Ziga Hajdukovic, Progress Quest and JODI. The exhibition is be accompanied by short publication with a keynote text by Axel Stockburger.

For texts and exhibition details, check out the Zero Gamer website

The festival lounge, is open for business every afternoon throughout the London Games Festival. Fully equipped for work & play with internet and all the coffee you can drink. Open 1-6pm.