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Zero Dollar Laptop Workshops


The Zero Dollar Laptop Project aims to change the way we all think about technology through a program of workshops, public debates, exhibitions, and networks of skills and media sharing for arts, technology and the environment.

View the Zero Dollar Laptop workshop blog for resources and news.

Workshops ran in London from January to April 2010 with clients of St Mungo’s charity for homeless people and we are currently developing workshops with groups of young people.

We are recycling hardware, breaking Windows and installing Free and Open Source Software to build media laptops and create music, graphics and video for distribution over the Internet. Participants leave the project with street-smart technical knowledge and a wireless enabled media laptop, classier than any shiny power-book.

The Zero Dollar Laptop is a recycled computer, running Free Open Source Software (FOSS) that is fast and effective- now and long into the future.

The Zero Dollar Laptop project is developed in partnership with Access Space in Sheffield, inspired by the Zero Dollar Laptop Manifesto as part of Media Art Ecologies

Artistic Team: Jake Harries and James Wallbank (Access Space) Ruth Catlow, Marc Garrett and Olga Panades (

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