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The Whispers Project was started to create an opportunity for those who did not wish to participate in debate and discussion (because of language barriers, time issues etc) to be seen equally and become involved by submitting their own and others’ creative projects. The Whispers Project shines light on the hidden talent of frequenters of the Netbehaviour list.

How this is created:

Subscribers to the NetBehaviour list add to the project by placing two links to their own work and one link to someone else’s work.

This project was first posted to the list on 19th May 2004. In a vote on 4th June 2004 NetBehaviourists decided that this networked project should be made available here for public viewing. The most recent addition was made on August 6th 2004. The public face of this networked project is updated on the request of list users. If you feel that it’s time for an update please just copy and paste the list below into the body of the email, add your own info and send to the list.

What type of work? Net artists, new media academics, soft groups, net writers, code geeks, new nedia producers, net/new media curators, net/new media activists, networkers, new media performers, net sufi’s, psychogeographical, net artist blogs, net communities etc…

Name: Jan Robert Leegte

Name: Rich White
work: falling off a chair
work : butterfly effect
choice cut – wires :

Name: Ivan Monroy-López
work: G=1=U=2=G=1=U=2
chosen work: the photostatic retrogade archive
chosen work: the island chronicles

Name: Bituur Esztreym & Rico da Halvarez on behalf Elles, Otto von Strassenbach
Work: – — –
Chosen work:

Name: Sofia Oliveira
Work ­
Chosen work(s)- The Secret Lifes of Numbers

Name : Clément Charmet
untitled : ( better with IE )
chosen work :

Name: T Wells
Contratv – –
Chosen work –

Name: Annie Abrahams
Chosen work :

Name: Patrick Simons
Home: (Collaboration with Kate’ Southworth)
Chosen work: (the Dick Cheney’ map)

Name: Ryan Griffis
temporary travel office –
subRational eRuptions (curator + interface)-
Chosen work – Bureau of Inverse Technology’s Kits

Name: Ruth Catlow
rethinking wargames –
domestic idols –
Chosen work- Views from the ground floor by Jess Loseby:

*Name: Phil
*Home – *
*project -*
*commercial -*

Name: Andi Stamp
Directed and produced:
Member of:
A bit of fun:

Name: Ana Carvalho
a long time ago –
and work in progress
Chosen work:

Name: lo_y
current Home –
my universe –
Chosen work:’ Social Fiction –

*Name: Patrick Lichty
*General – *
*Subversive -*
Chosen Work: US Dept of Art and Technology

Maf’j Alvarez Homepage:
Chosen Work- Milkkitten by Tanya Meditzky

Mark Cooley
Chosen work(s) Stop Shopping Tour­ my dads strip club

*Name: Joseph and Donna
*Mediated – *
*Conceptual -*
*Chosen work:-‘ The POINT CDC – by various’ *

Name: Tamar Schori
Oodlala –
Memolog –
Beadgee –
Chosen work:-‘ Memecodes – by Philipp Lenssen’

Name : Chris Webb
Frequency Love –
Screen Moments –
Chosen Work’ Dennis Cucumber – Remixing the web

Name: Sim Winter
Home –
Colored Thoughts –
Chosen work:-WebTV by Jimpunk – http://544×

Name: Marc Garrett
Turmoil –
Hardware –
(View only in Internet Explorer)
Chosen work:- Box Explorer – by Andy Deck