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We Need to Talk About Accelerationism

21/04/2016 – 19/05/2016

Venue: Netbehaviour and Neterarti

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Join a conversation about accelerationism on the Netbehaviour email discussion list and Neterarti social media platform: form 21st April – Tuesday 19th May 2016.

Back in 2013 Alex Williams and Nick Srnicek published the influential “#ACCELERATE MANIFESTO for an Accelerationist Politics” which proposes an embrace of automation and the tools and strategies of capitalism for species survival against the odds. It rejects other resistance strategies of protest, occupation, culture-jamming and strike, as outmoded and ineffective in the face of Neoliberal strategies.

The Accelerationist Reader published by Urbanomic pulls together texts and authors, new and old to elaborate and provide historical precedents and contrasts for the position. There have been many responses in Furtherfield’s own networks, including those by Rhea Myers and Robert Jackson, and more widely in academia and contemporary art practice, such as the simultaneously compelling and repulsive Additivist Manifesto by Daniel Rourke and Morehshin Allahyari.

We invite you to join an open discussion about the ideas, potentials, and political and social tensions, as a way to help bridge between academic conversations to wider practice and everyday experience.

We have invited a number people who we think are working in related areas, to join us and contribute. Please do the same yourselves.

Here on Netbehaviour we have a great platform and community for extended debate, and also we suggest as a parallel place for pithy summaries and illustrations (pictures and video) as a way to share key topics and themes with a wider world. As always, we aim for jargon-busting clarity. Monday 21st March – Thursday 7th April 2016.

Suggested reading

#ACCELERATE MANIFESTO for an Accelerationist Politics

by Alex Williams and Nick Srnicek 2013

Critique by McKenzie Wark of Inventing the Future: Postcapitalism and a World Without Work by Nick Srnicek and Alex Williams

Response to Common Criticisms by Srnicek and Williams

Escape Velocities by Alex Williams

Robert Jackson, Rhea Myers, Chloe Stavrou on Furtherfield