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Irridescent cyber duck illustration with a bionic eye Irridescent cyber bear illustration with a bionic eye Irridescent cyber bee illustration
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Viewing Marc Garrett’s TuRmOil is hardly anguish. Instead, expect a menu miming a file tree, reminiscent of some of Alexi Shulgin’s early work, providing iconic links to popup DHTML animations. My favorite of the ten offered works is Darkness, in which an SOS icon is superimposed over a grayscale mirrored mushroom cloud. Clicking on the surface of the cloud moves the SOS to your mouse position; the mouse down event drops the icon to the bottom of the frame, where it bounces. Other pages make liberal use of barcodes and faces, interspersing these loaded images with Dubuffet-inspired graphics. Ten pieces speaking eloquently about the precarity of the individual and the world around her, Garrett has here captured the dominant metaphors of our times and scripted them…with JavaScript.