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SP/M sonnet [2004]

Teo Spiller

In your mailbox, you can find titles such as V.I./\\.G.R./\\., organ enlargements, easy earnings, etc.Teo Spiller, a net.artist from Ljubljana, thinks it is new slang. Somebody tries to draw our attention, use only a few words in the subject of e-mail and is very advertising aggressive. There are also many properties of a technical nature: to outwit spam filters by using dots between characters, replacing some characters or syllables with numbers and special characters, etc.

These strange titles, like strange poetry, one after one daily fill our mailboxes. Teo Spiller’s new project “SP/\\M sonnet” enters those subjects and the names of spam mail senders into a database and writes sonnets. They are composed of junk mail subjects, listed by order, depending on the time of the visit and your personal and technical data received by visiting SP/\\M Sonnet. The result is a real surprise!