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Self-Education At ThE DiStRiBuTeD LiBrArY


The archival material consists of extracts from: Moving Times – New Words – Dead Clocks, Project Sigma: a view of Counter Culture of the 1960’s; Spontaneous University Research; Antiuniversity of London; Free International School for Creativity and Research; A Collectography of Political Art and Distribution; State of Emergency; The Art School Scum.

The material has been collected by Emily Druiff between 2004/05 with assistance from Andrew Wilson and in discussion with members of the University of Openness and Independent Art School. The display of this material at HTTP is in response to current activities at the Hornsey School of Art, who between 29.10.05 and 19.11.05 are restaging the 1968 sit-in culminating in a conference on Art and Education.

The display of this material as part of the Distributed_Library is designed to further an enquiry into the issues of self-education. Visitors are welcome to take part in this research at HTTP and to consider ‘Is education Obsolete?’, ‘What would you change about your education?’ and ‘Is self-education a viable option for cultural producers?’ ‘How can this be made more practical?’. This research will suggest open source technology as a viable means for sharing and distributing information.

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