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Seeing Ourselves Connected


A workshop exploring new, creative ways of using digital media to share ideas and develop them with others from around the world

“All of the Tigers thoroughly enjoyed your workshop, so much so that they continued developing their films for the rest of the week! I wanted to write to tell you how impressed I was by the thought and process you developed for the festival. From the opening ‘getting to know you’ game (genius!); to the group development of themes; to the concentration of the group as they engaged beautifully with VisitorsStudio – the whole day was very smooth and spot on :)” – Ruth Fenton, Arts Project Coordinator, Science Museum

Participants: 6-10 young people (16+ years old) from the Tigers Community Group

Artists: Ruth Catlow and Marc Garrett ( Co-Directors) was commissioned to deliver a workshop using their online, audiovisual mixing software

As part of the Being Connected festival, hosted by The Science Museum, was commissioned to deliver a workshop using their online, audiovisual mixing software, VisitorsStudio. This day of activities offered 10 young women from the Tigers community group in West London the opportunity to learn new, creative ways of sharing ideas and developing them together. The participants reflected on how we are connected in our everyday experience as well as globally by physical, social and digital means. Using VisitorsStudio and Flickr photo-sharing application, the group learnt how to search for and remix audiovisual media, already created and shared by people around the world. The experience culminated with the production of a web-based show-reel of participants’ work. At the final event participants also shared what they had learnt with their friends and families showing how the software works so that they could get involved too. After the workshop many of the participants returned to VisitorsStudio to continue to develop their ideas.

Participants at the event

The Being Connected festival explored contemporary issues and themes surrounding media art, digital technology and engineering through a series of innovative workshops for, run by artists and artist engineers.

Partners: Science Museum, Vital Regeneration

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