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Reviewing and Open-Sourcing VisitorsStudio



Alex Reynolds

Creativeworks London PhD in Residence at Furtherfield

Download a pdf of the research here

Furtherfield believe that through creative and critical engagement with practices in art and technology people are inspired and enabled to become active co-creators of their cultures and societies.

VisitorsStudio, first developed in 2003 with artist programmer Neil Jenkins, is multi-media co-creation software which aims to work towards Furtherfield’s wider goals by providing a site for real-time collaborative creation, dialogue, polemic and networked performance and play.

A new 3 month residency project at Furtherfield in partnership with Creativeworks London has invited Alex Reynolds, an AHRC funded PhD student from Kingston University, to help conceptually redesign VisitorsStudio according to contemporary developments in software and changes in social interaction and exchange associated with ubiquitous mobile technologies; and to inform the rebuild of the site as a Free and Open Source project.

The project, entitled ‘Reviewing and Open-Sourcing VisitorsStudio’ will principally involve analysing other projects similar to VisitorsStudio and consulting with its users to help identify new features for design and interaction which could help productively rethink the online creation space. The project will also mean considering ways VisitorsStudio can most effectively provoke artistic engagement with contemporary social and cultural questions. 

Through her research, Alex will be working to rethink the design and functionality of VisitorsStudio and will be producing ideas for a possible new site model by the end of the project in mid-June 2013.

Your opinions are important to this project! If you would like to offer your ideas about how we can best redesign VisitorsStudio for 2013 please feel free to get in touch by emailing Alex at