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Peckham Street Training


Children explored new ways of interacting with the local area and developed a tour of Peckham using a blog to document their experiences.

“I had lots of ideas for different ways for adults to have fun in the streets. Climbing lampposts, running up walls, throwing helicopter seeds and bounding up steps like an animal. All of these things would be good to do on the tour.” – Gafar, The Street Training blog.

Participants: six 10 year old children from Gloucester Primary School in Peckham.

Artists: Lottie Child (Street Training) and Ruth Catlow (

In collaboration with Lottie Child, worked with six 10 year old children from Gloucester Primary School in Peckham exploring how, by focusing our thoughts and behaviour, we can affect our surroundings as much as they affect us. The project explored issues around how we behave to be joyful and how we behave to be safe in the streets, challenging conventional uses of public space and pushing the boundaries of social norms.

As part of the commission, created a website for Street Training with a special focus on the Peckham group. This provides a way to help Peckham Street Trainers and others to connect with each other (wherever they are) and share and develop their new techniques, long into the future. By documenting their experiences the children thought about public space (online and physical) as something that they could change, make an impression on for better or worse. The project culminated with a tour of the local area, demonstrating new techniques such as rolling down a grassy hill, climbing a lamppost, picking apples, the mobile limbo, looking for ants, bounding up steps like an animal, making a wish by blowing a dandelion clock and throwing helicopter seeds from a wall.

Partners: The project was commissioned by Peckham Space (a new commissioning organisation for socially engaged arts in South London) as part of the Open House London’s celebration of architecture and the built environment.

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