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Neil Jenkins

Featured image: PANSE (Public Access Network Sound Engine) – an open platform for development of audio-visual net art.

PANSE is the latest in a series of generative audio-visual pieces created by Reykjavik based artist Pall Thayer. PANSE or ‘Public Access Network Sound Engine’ is a server based program which creates a live audio stream based on (multi) user interaction. Alongside the continuous live mp3 stream, visitors to the site can interact with the piece, modifying and mutating the audio created in real time, through a series of interfaces that also respond visually to the live audio data being generated by PANSE and other concurrent visitors.

The project is an open platform for development of audio-visual net art, with an invitation to anyone who wishes to create an interface to the engine. Further information on this is included in the site with examples and a gallery of interfaces created by Pall together with contributions from french artist Joachim Lapotre.