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Saturday and Sunday 11am - 4pm
Admission Free

One Minute Volume 8

01/11/2014 – 23/11/2014

Saturday and Sunday 11am - 4pm
Admission Free

Furtherfield Gallery is pleased to host One Minute Volume 8, a new series of shorts curated by filmmaker Kerry Baldry. The screening is accompanied by One Minute Remix pt. 2, a selection of moving images from One Minute Volumes 1-7.



Please share your one second short too – for a collective one minute short video #1sv we need 60 videos before it 23rd November @furtherfield on Twitter and Instagram



Birds see or go blind by Nick Jordan
Birds see or go blind by Nick Jordan

About One Minute Volume 8

One Minute Volume 8 is the latest in the series of programmes of artists’ moving image compiled/curated by artist filmmaker Kerry Baldry.

Previous programmes (Volumes 1 – 7) have been screened around the world, showing in galleries and spaces such as hotel rooms in Hong Kong, warehouses in Sydney, shopping centres in Leeds, barns in The Snowdonia National Park through to international museums, film festivals and art galleries.

The One Minutes contain an eclectic mix of approaches, techniques, media and processes, all having one thing in common – that they have been edited within the time limit of 60 seconds.

Screening alongside One Minute Volume 8 is a specially edited One Minute Remix for Furtherfield Gallery which includes work by artists in the previous programmes.

Tehran, Beloved City by Sana Ghobbeh
Tehran, Beloved City by Sana Ghobbeh

Artists in Volume 8 include (in no particular order):

Paul Rooney, Nicky Hamlyn, Claire Morales, Nick Jordan, Gordon Dawson, Sana Ghobbeh, Tony Hill, Alex Pearl, Sam Meech, Greg Pope, Kayla Parker and Stuart Moore, Philip Sanderson, Martin Pickles, Guy Sherwin, Olga Jurgenson, Kerry Baldry, Tansy Spinks, Sam Renseiw, Katherine Meynell, Philippos Kappa, Kelvin Brown, Chris Paul Daniels, Stuart Pound and Rosemary Norman, Julia Dogra-Brazell, Marty St. James, Shaun Hay, Virginia Hilyard, Eva Rudlinger, Louisa Minkin, Steven Ball, Kate Jessop, Zhel (Zeljko Vukicevic), Riccardo Iacono, Karen Densham, Mary Stark, Nicolas Herbert, Michael Szpakowski, Max Hattler, Steven Woloshen, John Kippin, Daniela Butsch, Leister/Harris

Artists in One Minute Remix pt. 2 include:

Laure Prouvost, Guy Sherwin, Nick Jordan, Gordon Dawson, Nicki Rolls, The Gluts, Emily Richardson, Tina Keane, Marty St. James, Katherine Meynell, Catherine Elwes, Tony Hill, Kerry Baldry, Alex Pearl, Martin Pickles, Louisa Minkin, Stuart Pound, Phillip Warnell, Steven Ball, Lynn Loo, John Smith, Nick Herbert, Chris Meigh Andrews, Kayla Parker and Stuart Moore, Mark Wigan Williams, Anahita Razmi, Lumiere et Son, Riccardo Iacono, Alexander Costello, Eva Rudlinger.

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About the Curator

Kerry BaldryKerry Baldry is an artist/filmmaker who works in a range of media including film and video. She is a Fine Art Graduate from Middlesex University who went on to study film and video at Central St. Martins. Her first commissioned film was to make a film for BBC2’s One Minute Television which was broadcast on The Late Show – a joint collaboration between BBC2 and Arts Council England.

Over the last 7 years, aside from producing her own work, she has been curating, promoting and distributing a self initiated, unfunded project titled One Minute, One Minute Volume 8 being the latest in the edition. One Minute Volumes 1-8 are an eclectic mix of artists moving image constrained to the time limit of one minute and includes over 80 artists at varying stages of their careers.


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