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News From Where We Are: The Furtherfield Podcast


A cultural discussion podcast grounded in news from where we are

We may be confined to our homes by the Coronavirus emergency but we still have access to thriving networked cultures from around the world.  ‘News From Where We Are’ is hosted by Furtherfield’s Marc Garrett, a conversation with many voices from the ground. The podcast explores how the collaborative-imaginative fieldwork of artists, techies and activists is informing how we organise, imagine and build solidarity, good health and post-capitalist realities. Working together and supporting others to do the same.

25 years of Radical Friendship at Furtherfield

In 2021 we celebrate 25 years of radical friendship at Furtherfield with conversations with some of the fascinating people with whom we have worked and collaborated. We talk about how they are changing culture, their lives, and the lives of their communities.

Quarterly on Soundcloud.

Featured Image:
Illustration by Lina Theodorou, for ‘Bad Shibe‘ by Rhea Myers

Published by Furtherfield and Torque editions, 2017