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Mycorrhizal Event with Fiona MacDonald : Feral Practice


Part of the Are We All Addicts Now? exhibition at Furtherfield Gallery

A lecture, a performance, and a fungi walk.

Feral Practice presents a multi-media performance-lecture, informed by the history, art and science of human-fungal relations. It explores themes of reciprocity, intuitive and nonverbal interconnection between people, psychedelic consciousness, fungal songs, shamanic journeying, and plant communication.

This will be followed by a live ritual performance of Mycorrhizal Meditation, a new sound art work commissioned for the current exhibition, Are We All Addicts Now?, available for download throughout Finsbury Park and here.

A fungi specialist will then lead a walk that explores some of the fungi growing in Finsbury Park and on the Parkland Walk Nature Reserve.

To end, there will be an opportunity to visit Furtherfield Gallery, offering a chance to see and discuss the current exhibition.

Please bring warm, weather-appropriate clothing and footwear. In the event of rain, the event will go ahead, please dress accordingly and bring an umbrella.


As part of the exhibition Are We All Addicts Now? Fiona MacDonald: Feral Practice presents Mycorrhizal Meditation; a spoken-word guided meditation that choreographs a connective journey through the human body and down into a dynamic, semiotic underworld of living soil and mycorrhizal network, with sound recordings made in wooded places, including movement and rhythm captured from microphones hidden underground and inside trees. It complicates a notion of nature as ‘ultimate digital detox’, and guides the user towards the startling interconnectivity of beyond-human nature, the ‘wood-wide-web’ that predates our digital connectivity by millennia.

Mm is available to download free, via posters in the gallery and across Finsbury Park.

Alongside the exhibition, the essay Homo Mycelium will be published in the accompanying Are We All Addicts Now? book, edited by Vanessa Bartlett and Henrietta Bowden Jones, designed by Stefan Schåfer and published by Liverpool University Press.

Fiona MacDonald is an artist, curator and writer specializing in human-nonhuman relationship. As Feral Practice, she works in co-production with a collective of human and nonhuman persons. Current projects include Foxing, (see PEER London, 2017) Ant-ic Actions (see Ethical Entanglements, Bloomsbury Press, forthcoming) Homo Mycelium, and Wood to World (London, Kent, Aberdeen 2015-17).

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