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Mayfield Maths Madness


Workshops to create and film a drama promoting an enthusiasm for maths at Mayfield Primary School.

Participants: 28 children aged 8-9 years old from Mayfield Primary School

Artist: Michael Szpakowski (video artist, composer and facilitator)

In a series of workshops to promote an enthusiasm for maths within the school, a class of children aged 8-9 years old created and filmed a drama in 9 parts in which they cracked a series of knotty maths problems that they encountered during a school day. Pupils puzzle and ponder over how many minutes they have before they have to leave for school, how to organise rows and columns for school assembly, how it feels to crack a hard Maths problem. These short films, where we see the pupils trying to work out maths problems together, continue to serve as playful teaching tools within the school.

Partners:Creative Partnerships, Mayfield Primary School.