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Let it Beep

Bjorn Norberg

The Finnish duo Pink Twins, the brothers Vesa and Jusu Vehvilainen, started to work together in 1997. Since then they have been exploring visual and sonic noise combined in a most physical experience. Sampling the everyday images and tearing them apart to pixels then putting them together again to a chaotic and blasting unity.

In their works, in such as Slow and Fast (2001), Let it Beep (2002) and Purple Drain (2002), they have transferred the reality to a abstract flow of flickering colourful images and scratchy and noisy sounds. Using their own developed program Framestein, programmed by Jusu, the images is real-time transferred to an own aesthetic of digital ever-changing visions reminding of powerful paintings and where the original input is hardly recognisable. The fact that they use common images as a input seems not very important since the output seems to have very little to do with normal perception.

Scratches, fuzz, noises and weird and warped rhythms are combined with images to a mosaic flow that which you perceive not only with your seeing but with all your senses. The result spellbinds you and surrounds you with a complexity. What they achieve puts you inside the a digital dynamic weave of crumbles of the reality.

L’art pour l’art can be descriptive for Pink Twins works but maybe there is more a direct and physical experience of the art than an experience through theory and intellectuality. And this gives Pink Twins the advantage.

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