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This regular live show highlights current activity and controversies around contemporary practices in art and technology, discussing events, exhibitions, debates and their social contexts with all manner of player and participant. Features include lively debate and interviews with artists, techies, writers and curators, interspersed with bleeding-edge music, some from, and a rolling programme of experimental creative adventures for your amusement.

First series hosted by Marc Garrett, artist, writer and co-founder of with reviews and interviews by art historian & writer Charlotte Frost and Ruth Catlow artist co-founder of the

Second series hosted by Marc Garrett joined by Irini Papadimitriou & Jonathan Munro.In addition to Furtherfield’s invited guests this series will feature interviews with many of the 30 artists showing in the exibition of DIY, hacking and open source projects, Unleashed Devices as part of
NODE.London. Irini has worked with Jonathan Munro of TINT to curate the exhibition at Watermans.

The programme is part of ‘Hyperlink: Media Art Contexts’ whose principal aim is to present and promote high-quality contemporary media art work, alongside critical discussion of past, present and future media art in a contemporary art context.

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