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Event Date/Time:
2:00 pm – 7:00 pm

Venue: HTTP Gallery

DIWO at the Dark Mountain Disassembly Event 2010

Event Date/Time:
2:00 pm – 7:00 pm

Venue: HTTP Gallery

DIWO At the Dark Mountain: A Mail-Art project across physical and digital networks in collaboration with the Dark Mountain Project; to question the stories that underpin our failing civilisation and to craft new ones for the age ahead.

Join us at full moon from 3 pm, Saturday 30th January 2010 for our closing event- to take apart and redistribute Mail-Art provoked by the Dark Mountain project.

• Take down the artworks and mail them back out into the world .
• Everyone who comes along gets to take an artwork away with them and to send artworks to friends and acquaintances.

This event is a celebration of the DIWO (Do It With Others) spirit, the collaborative process and excellent contributions from the artists who took part. As well as a chance to reflect on the ideas and controversies generated by The Dark Mountain Project, which provided the focus for the exhibition. There will be eating and drinking!

Visit here for images of the exhibition opening and performance

Do you want to Do It With Others at the Dark Mountain?

E-Mail: go to, subscribe to the NetBehaviour email list, correspond and join the explosive discussions in image, text, sound, movie and code.

Mail via Royal Mail: working with, or around, striking mail-workers, send chain letters, circular interviews, or invent some rules for Royal Mail object relay.
All outrages, gifts, offers , overtures and bids should arrive at HTTP Gallery by Thursday 26 November addressed to:

DIWO, HTTP Gallery,
Unit A2, Arena Design Centre,
71, Ashfield Road,
London, N4 1NY
England, UK

The Open Curation event: Friday 27 November 2009, 12-3pm to decide how to best display all submissions and entries at HTTP Gallery. Join us at the gallery or online by webcam, instant messaging and Skype. To learn how visit

Follow the blog where Dark Mountaineer, Dougald Hine, will be your guide to the emerging landscape of email and snailmail exchanges.

Attend the Open Disassembly Event: 30 January 2010, 7-9pm Full Moon
Assemble at HTTP Gallery for the closing event to help us disassemble the display and to choose the work you would like to take home with you.