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4:00 pm – 6:00 pm

Digital Futures: Money No Object mapping session


4:00 pm – 6:00 pm

V&A Digital Futures is a monthly meetup and open platform for the display and discussion of work by students, researchers and creative practitioners working with digital media, interactive art, digital design, science and more. The programme offers participants opportunities to show and discuss work, but also a platform to network and nurture discussion and future collaborations. This is an open mapping session following on from the Digital Futures: Money No Object event that was held in October. The event will look at alternative currencies and value systems and will act as an evaluation and gathering session before a larger prototyping event that will follow in January 2015.

Limited places, please contact Irini Papadimitriou if you would like to attend on i.papadimitriou(at) – more info on the event page on EventBrite.


Ruth Catlow, artist, Furtherfield co-founder and artistic director, Play Your Place co-creator –,,
Heidi Hinder, artist-maker and researcher –
Marta Owczarek, Brixton Pound Communications Manager and activist @martalucysummer
Carlos Noronha Feio, artist –
Bill Balaskas, artist –
Gerard Briscoe, researcher, Queen Mary University London –


The White Building
Queen’s Yard, White Post Ln
#Unit 7
E9 5EN London
United Kingdom

Since October 2014 Digital Futures is being hosted and co-curated by The White Building. The White Building, run by SPACE, is an incubator for discursive and innovative thought, it serves as a testing ground and creative lab for artists and creatives whose work engages with technology.