Are We All Digital Cash Cows Now?

We produce a mass of data about our personal successes and failures, dysfunctions and interactions, for perpetual digital harvest.

Are We All Addicts Now? An interview with Katriona Beales

Ruth Catlow interviews the artist Katriona Beales in an interview taken from the book 'Are We All Addicts Now? Digital Dependence'.

Addictive Behaviours: Interview with Artist Annie Abrahams

Abrahams reflects on the limits and potentials of art and human agency in the context of increased global automation.

We spun a dream last night by Francesca da Rimini

Francesca da Rimini (aka doll yoko, GashGirl, liquid_nation, Fury) traces a time-line of network seduction, imaginative production and addictive spaces.


Tomorrows: Urban Fictions for Possible Futures

Tomorrows: Urban Fictions for Possible Futures explores imaginative narratives speculating the future of our cities – how they will look, how they will function and the degree by which...

5 meditations on the work of Karin Rudolph

Rudolph is a Belgian photographer, currently living in Athens, where she works as a wedding and event photographer and raises two teenage sons. In addition to her work for...

Interview with CAMP

Hi Shaina! Tell us about the genesis of CAMP? How are you part of it? Why are you called CAMP? CAMP came together as a group in 2007, initially...


Artists Re:Thinking The Blockchain

This landmark publication brings together a diverse array of artists and researchers engaged with the blockchain, unpacking, critiquing and marking the arrival of it on the cultural landscape for...