Editorial – Border Disruptions: Playbour & Transnationalisms

Can Art and Society both generate approaches to critique and build platforms, infrastructures and networks, with new possibilities for reassessing and re-forming citizenship and rights, with a spirit of...

Disruption Network Lab: Art as Investigating Misconduct & Wrongdoing

Marc Garrett interviews Tatiana Bazzichelli, artistic director and curator of the Disruption Network Lab, in Berlin, exploring its investigative approach to political, economic and technological systems, and digital...

Discussing ‘Playbour – Work, Pleasure, Survival’ with Dani Admiss

How has the data-driven gamification of life and everything shaped the development of the Playbour exhibition at Furtherfield Gallery? Marc Garrett talks to the curator.

Art, Debt, Health, and Care: Interview with Cassie Thornton

Artist Cassie Thornton discusses The Hologram, an artwork to reverse engineer the tragedy of health injustice, and put power back where it needs to be.


Review of the HATE NEWS CONFERENCE by Disruption Network Lab

On the day of the General Data Protection Law (GDPR) going into effect in Europe, on the 25th May, the Disruption Network Lab opened its 13th conference in Berlin...


Artist Michael Szpakowski gives an inside account of devising and carrying out an outreach project around the recent exhibition at Furtherfield gallery of work by Eduardo Kac and the...

Power, Politics, Art and Activism: The Shifting Identities of Janez Janša

Mark Hancock discusses the politics and artistry of Janez Janša's identity interventions in the context of their recent challenge at the Parliamentary Elections in Slovenia, in June 3rd 2018.

The Revenge Against the Commons

This is a long read by one of the inhabitants of the Zad, about the the fortnight rollercoaster of rural riots that has just taken place to evict the...


Artists Re:Thinking The Blockchain

This landmark publication brings together a diverse array of artists and researchers engaged with the blockchain, unpacking, critiquing and marking the arrival of it on the cultural landscape for...