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About us

Furtherfield connects people to new ideas, critical thinking and imaginative possibilities for art, technology and the world around us. Through artworks, labs and debate people from all walks of life explore today’s important questions.

Current Job Vacancies

Furtherfield is currently recruiting a Financial Administrator, find out more.

Platforming Finsbury Park

Furtherfield’s Gallery and Commons are located in the middle of London’s Finsbury Park. Adventurous digital arts experiences radiate from these venues, transforming the urban park into a platform where people can explore how they want live in our globally connected world.

“There is no other gallery like Furtherfield. Situated in the middle of Finsbury Park they attract people from all walks of life and focus on contemporary technology and how it affects the lives of people and the world we live in.” Liliane Lijn, artist

Get Involved

You can get involved with exhibitions and events at Furtherfield Gallery and Commons in the heart of London’s Finsbury Park. Join an international community of practitioners on Twitter and Netbehaviour. Subscribe to our newsletter for latest news and event invitations.

Emerging technologies

Furtherfield diversifies the people involved in shaping emerging technologies through an arts-led approach. We find new ways for artists, technologists and academics to work together, share possibilities and imagine wider artistic, social and economic possibilities.

“Furtherfield pioneered concepts like networked arts, net art, collaborative interactive art and digital art. Furtherfield fostered these type of practises and artists before the press suddenly discovered that digital art is a thing” Tadeo Sendon, artist and Director of London Music Hackspace

History of Furtherfield

In 1996 artists Ruth Catlow and Marc Garrett initiated an online platform for collaboration and experimentation, informed by community arts, pirate radio, activism and street art. Inspired by free and open software development they challenged notions of the individual genius artist. A grassroots network and programme emerged which continues to thrive and to engage diverse people with arts, technology and social change.

Since its formation, Furtherfield has grown and built an international reputation, leading in the theory and practice of digital creativity. It has continued to invest time and energy in a decentralised and distributed network, fostering new projects with artists, seizing and challenging debates and always advocating for open and playful engagement with people encapsulated in its process of ‘doing it with others’ (DIWO).

Furtherfield has been distinctive from other organisations in maintaining a presence across networked space and presenting work through its gallery. Its commitment to free and open source methodologies and internationalism has seen it working with artists at all career stages and bringing new, marginal and important messages to wider audiences.


Furtherfield is led by co-founding co-directors Ruth Catlow and Marc Garrett alongside a core staff team with arts management, marketing, fundraising, finance and administrative expertise to support the smooth running of the organisation and its programmes. A growing number of Furtherfield Associates support the delivery of Furtherfield’s expanding programme including artists, producers, technicians, designers, writers and hosts. A placement scheme linked to academic studies provides internship opportunities for students at MA and PhD level which operates in partnership with universities.

Advisory Board

Furtherfield’s Advisory Board play an important role in contributing to strategic planning; strengthening governance and providing an excellent range of expertise across arts, education, equality and diversity, technology, health, PR, academia and business sectors.

Furtherfield partners – past and present

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