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Open Call for Works

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Tokenization and its Discontents by Rob Myers

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Artists Re:Thinking the Blockchain

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The blockchain laboratory and debate series for reinventing the arts


Tokenization and its Discontents

Information wants to be free, and net art is information. Trying to make it harder to copy is like trying to make water less wet. Or perhaps like trying...

5 meditations on the work of Karin Rudolph

Rudolph is a Belgian photographer, currently living in Athens, where she works as a wedding and event photographer and raises two teenage sons. In addition to her work for...

VoiceOver Finsbury Park

The residents of Park House, in Finsbury Park broadcast their thoughts and chat about the fundamental limits and possibilities of life in London.

Open Call for Work

State Machines now launches an open call for a new commissioned artistic project. State Machines is a programme of activities devoted to the investigation of new relationships between states,...