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5 short movies by 5 film makers about 5 networked art projects exploring imaginative and critical approaches to social engagement.

Furtherfield has commissioned 5 short movies about 5 UK-produced networked art projects which explore critical approaches to social engagement. These pieces offer alternative interfaces to the artworks and the every-day artistic practices of their producers. They introduce the motivations and social contexts of artists and artists’ groups who are working with DIY approaches to digital technology and its culture, where medium and distribution channels merge.

Original concept and production Furtherfield, London, UK. 2006
In association with HTTP Gallery [House of Technologically Termed Praxis], London, UK.
Made with the support of Stiftelsen Längmanska Kulturfonden and Mejan Labs in Stockholm, Sweden – Arts Council England and Awards for All in UK.

About the films

Free Media by Mongrel

This movie focuses on Mongrel’s digital workshop project, the MediaShed in Southend on Sea, 65 km east of London, where anyone can come to seek knowledge, use computers, suggest projects and attend lectures. More info >>
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Polyfaith by Chris Dooks provides a printable map and mp3 files to accompany a free tour of of his home town Edinburgh seen through the eyes of an unusual local character. In this short movie Polymath he introduces the beliefs and philosophies of his friend Erica Tetralix, as explained through the city’s landmarks. More info >>
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VisitorsStudio by Furtherfield

This movie is about VisitorsStudio, an online place for real-time, collaborative, audio-visual mixing and networked performance, a tool for editing movies and images live with other people online. More info >>
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Want and Need by C6

The London based artist group C6 believes in communication through action and the importance of creating alternatives to established uses of new technologies. Their project Want & Need is shown in Mejan Labs during autumn 2006 and has earlier been on a tour through Norway as well as being shown in New York, London and Eindhoven. More info >>
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Golden Shot (Revisited) by Simon Poulter

The Golden Shot was a game show in British television in the 1960- and 70’s. The idea with the show was that the audience called the show to play a game and gave instructions to a camera man how to aim his camera to different targets. On the camera there was a cross bow attached. More info >>
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Screenings of 5+5=5

Date: 31 August – 8th October 06.
Art & Activism Exhibition.
Mejan Labs. Stockholm. Sweden.

Date: 3rd October 06.
Being Digital. Greenwich University. London. UK.

Date: December- date to be confirmed.
HTTP Gallery. 5+5=5 UK launch. London. UK.

Date: November – date to be confirmed.
MediaShed – Mongrel. Southend on Sea, Essex. UK.

Please contact us for details if you wish to show or screen 5+5=5 at a venue.