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RCA MA Curating Contemporary Art for the People’s Park Plinth

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December 2020 →

Sanela Jahić, The Statisticized Artist

Published On: 24/12/2020
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FurtherList No.20 December 4th 2020

Published On: 04/12/2020
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November 2020 →

DATA CITIES: Smart Technologies, Tracking & Human Rights

Published On: 26/11/2020
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October 2020 →

Peer to Peer: UK/HK Online Festival

11/11/2020 – 14/11/2020
Events: Coming Up

The Last Collaboration

Published On: 02/10/2020
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July 2020 →

Evicted by Greed: Global Finance, Housing & Resistance

Published On: 15/07/2020
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June 2020 →

You are invited to participate in the Transcultural Data Pact

18/08/2020 – 21/08/2020
Events: Past
April 2020 →

FurtherList No.19 April 3rd 2020

Published On: 03/04/2020
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March 2020 →

The Hologram – Is this the end or the beginning? (a course for collective health)

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Help For Your Corona Arts Transition

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News From Where We Are: The Furtherfield Podcast

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@furtherfield, RT @culturesexrel: The latest show is with Cassie Thornton where we chatted about her project and book The Hologram. It's where you find th…     @furtherfield, #UNINVITED featured in Flash Art @FlashArtOnWeb ✨ Don’t miss this exciting new article by @_bblurred 🤩 👉…     @furtherfield, Learn more about how new media art tackles urgent topics through multi-sensorial, participatory, and activist appro…     @furtherfield, #UNINVITED 👉🟢     @furtherfield, RT @beespace: @marcgarrett20 he he May I suggest working with local birds and insects, happy new year to @furtherfield from the #FinsburyPa…