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Children of Prometheus at NeMe, Cyprus 2019: 11/10/2019 – 20/12/2019, 3. Featured, Events: On Now     Connect for Creativity Curator Call Out: Events: On Now     Planet Cashless 2029: Projects: On Now     Future Fictions for Finsbury Park: Projects: On Now     OPEN SCORES. HOW TO PROGRAM THE COMMONS: 21/09/2019 – 12/10/2019, Events: On Now     Connect for Creativity Project: Projects: On Now     Time Portals Exhibition 2019: 09/05/2019 – 20/10/2019, 1. Featured, Events: On Now     Find a Line to Follow and Face The Future! ‘Walkshops’: Events: On Now     Citizen Sci-Fi Programme 2019-2021: Launched On: 01/05/2018, Projects: On Now     Future Machine Artwork Workshops: 20/04/2019 – 18/06/2019, Events: On Now     Futurescapes for Finsbury Park: Projects: On Now     Platforming Finsbury Park: Projects: On Now    
November 2019 →

Children of Prometheus: Interview with artist Joana Moll

Published On: 27/11/2019
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A review of the panel ‘Revisiting the Future: Technofeminism in the 21st Century’

Published On: 20/11/2019
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Citizens of Evidence

Published On: 19/11/2019
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Ami Clarke, The Underlying at arebyte Gallery, London

Published On: 05/11/2019
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October 2019 →

Air Matters: The inescapable fight for flight

Published On: 29/10/2019
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Connect for Creativity Curator Call Out

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Join the Future Machine Procession in Finsbury Park

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Review of Jan Robert Leegte’s exhibition Clear Obscure by Manique Hendricks

Published On: 04/10/2019
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September 2019 →

Ingrid LaFleur – There Are Black People In The Future

Published On: 30/09/2019
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Planet Cashless 2029

Projects: On Now

Tottenham Pavilion: A hyperlocal strategy for art production, education, and development

Published On: 27/09/2019
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Algorithmic Food Justice

Projects: Coming Up
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@furtherfield, Three exhibitions to see in London this weekend :     @furtherfield, RT @therourke: Everyone needs to see this and understand its implications. I posted this video to Facebook, because the bubble I share to t…     @furtherfield, RT @guardian: Watchmen: such a masterpiece it's almost too much to bear     @furtherfield, Save the planet - don't fly to any Biennales next year ;-)     @furtherfield, RT @anthillsocial: Oh look what just arrived in the post! :)