Net artist, curator, writer, street artist, activist, educationalist and musician. Emerging in the late 80's from the streets exploring creativity via agit-art tactics. Using unofficial, experimental platforms such as the streets, pirate radio, net broadcasts, BBS systems, performance, intervention, events, pamphlets, warehouses and gallery spaces. In the early nineties was co-sysop (systems operator) for a while with Heath Bunting for Cybercafe BBS.

Co-director and co-founder, with artist Ruth Catlow of the net arts collectives and communities-,,, also cofounder and co-curator/director of the gallery space called, London UK. Currently involved in co-running and getting the Node London festival happening for March 2006. Also co-curating various contemporary Media Arts exhibitions, nationally and Internationally.

Collaborative Media Art Projects: - 1997-2006.

London based, non-profit organisation for the creation, promotion, and criticism of adventurous digital/net art work for public viewing, experience and interaction. Furtherfield events and projects incorporate a strong participatory element and break away from conventional approaches to contemporary art. The projects are often live, real-time, collaborative artworks, facilitating and documenting unrestrained interaction and communication between artists and audiences online. Success is measured by the technical and conceptual accessibility of the project to a wide audience who engage creatively on their own terms.

In recent years public funding (Arts Council, BBC, and RALP) has facilitated an in-depth collaboration between programmers, artists, and artist-programmers on specific projects such as FurtherStudio and VisitorsStudio. This has led to more intuitive participation and accessibility in the field of online real-time collaborative arts. Since April 2005 Furtherfield is in receipt of interim core funding from Arts Council of England to consolidate and develop the sustainability of its activities.


On the Internet & the Postmasters Gallery, New York RNC NODE. 2004.

Coinciding with the Republican Convention in New York, over 20 international net artists and digital artists broadcast a new collaborative art-polemic with a focus on how Bush and the US Republicans negatively influence every locality around the world. All multimedia performances were created live, online on Furtherfield's VisitorsStudio. These were projected at Postmasters Gallery's RNC NODE, a way-station, which served as a physical node of an ad-hock public broadcasting, a system of online, real time protest performances and alternative news actions. All online streams were also output in local bars and projections from windows.

Gestation & Rosalind Project.

Upstart New Media Lexicon 2004-ongoing.

Gestation was a networked project in which a small, independent, community of interest collaborated to evolve a new shared textual vocabulary for communicating what they are, what they do and the worlds they are creating. It was a hidden project. For 9 months the nascent lexicon was fed with new terms and their definitions. In September 2004, Rosalind, the upstart new media art lexicon, was born, named after Rosalind Franklin.

Media Arts, open email list community 2004-ongoing.

NetBehaviour is an open email list community engaged in the process of sharing and actively evolving critical approaches, methods and ideas focused around contemporary networked media arts practice. Members are encouraged to announce and promote their own projects and events on the list along with the exchange of related concepts/ideas/information/resources. Associated projects include:-

List Residencies-

Whispers Project-


Furthernoise was founded in 1999 by artists Marc Garrett and Ruth Catlow and is a London based, non-profit organisation. The majority of sustained by the passion, ideas, exploration and skills of the Furtherfield team as well as its diverse, networked community. Every month FurtherNoise review and feature a wide spectrum of music and electro acoustic sound works from material sent to us. These can be live recordings including audio installations, independent Cdr.’s and CD / vinyl label releases. Furthernoise showcases a diverse array of artists and groups who are pushing their work further than the traditional remit of corporate controlled cliches, re-interpreting new terrains that communicate via sound.

Real-time, live networked artists' studio 2003-ongoing.

FurtherStudio funded by the Arts Council of England through RALP (award £19,700 - total budget £23,500) launched in September 2003 with artist Jess Loseby. Using software commissioned and designed especially for this project, it developed and promoted a real-time, on-line digital arts residency programme which provided a window on net artists' desktops.


A multi-user on-line arena for artists' media art production 2003-ongoing.

VisitorsStudio is a multi-user online arena for production, display and discussion of audiovisual, screen based work. Visitors experiment and respond to each others' dancing-cursors and chat, live in real-time while uploading, mixing and exhibiting their own compositions. This platform was developed in parallel with FurtherStudio and is the site for an ongoing range of real-time performances including furtherfield's collaborative response to the Republican National Congress, 'Dissension Convention' featuring over 20 internationally located artists and broadcast live at Postmasters Gallery [NY]. The studio has also been used as a multimedia interview space for sonic artists and musicians including Jodi Rose [Australia], MikroKnytes [USA] and Scott Taylor, Mr Mutton_deluxe [UK]. Furtherfields recent retrospective of net.artist Andy Deck [US] also culminated with a live interview and performance using VisitorsStudio.

Furtherfield Networking Parties.

Annual Event.

An informal annual event in which creative professionals are =invited to bring along documentation of any current projects, opening up potential for individuals and groups to collaborate and realise each other on their own terms.

Skin/Strip Online.

Reclaiming the body, our naked identity 2003-on going.

Commissioned by Shooting Live Artists & BBCi, (award £7500 - total budget £10,000). Made in collaboration with Completely Naked, Skin/Strip Online invites Individual net users to participate in a collective, live event, by creating expressive images of their own naked identities, and displaying them next to others in the context of a live artwork on the web. Duration- 6 months. Launch of all Shooting Live Artists projects -Site Gallery,Sheffield.

Commissioned by Shooting Live Artists & BBC:

Day in Day Out.

A collective global diary 2001-2003.

Diary entries are archived for use as raw material for exhibitions, projections and pasteup events by artists. This contributary project focuses on presenting works which exist simultaneously on the Internet, the streets and public venues. Venues include Watermans Arts Centre, Brentford, FILE 2001 Biennial, Sao Paolo.

Collective Manouvers.

Bristol Urban Olympics 2003.

3 Player Chess played by the Furtherfield team's Mind Olympics as part- Collective Manouvers. Collective Manouvers was a congregation of local and international cultural collectives, exploring universal urban architecture and furniture.

Selected Net Art works.

(On this CV, works date back only since 2002. If you wish to view more going further back please visit the two links below)

The Sam Diaries - 2002-2004.

Inventions born out of experiencing a kind of old Boy Network syndrome in the Arts, and being constantly subjected to jargon based text's that have come about via Art History and Academia. (being updated)

No Flesh Guaranteed - 1997-2006.

On-line in 1997. Has expanded into three different sections, different types of works. All images were originally taken from free web sites that, regularly featured explicit photographs of sexuality.

Men & Bombs - 2003.

A collection of cut up, collaged images found originally on the Internet and constructed using DHTML. This means that everything featured, including the music is using the Internet as a resource & useful palette to form, sculpt, create visual and dynamic content. Everything has either been remixed or changed in accordance to the main themes - atomic energy, masculinity, bloodlust, misogyny, sadism, sex, desire, fashion, heroism, lust, bravado, weaponry, murder etc.

Turmoil - 2003.

Ten pieces about the precarity of the individual in ever changing, troubled world.

Email_Art - 2003.

Small collection of Email_Art which has been sent to many computer users, globally over the years, to various friends, listservs and lists such as the Rhizome Raw list, Syndicate and others, including institutions; some of whom have complained that they do want this kind of 'upstart' art, in their inbox.

[HaRdWaRe] - 2003.

The inside of people's computers reflect the minds (personalities) of the individuals or groups that use them. If one was to gain such information, you would discover what political issues, products that were paid for online, and of course what sites they visit and much more.

Conferences, Festivals, Media Labs, Residencies.

NODE.London – 2005-6.

NODE.L: [Networked, Open, Distributed, Events. London] is an open, participatory season that aims to support and stimulate Media Arts in London during March 2006. Furtherfield is an active member of the Voluntary Organisers' Group.

Web Site:

Wiki site:

Softly from the Ruins - 2005.

IDrunners, Furtherfield and Media Art Projects hosted a weekend of discussion and sharing about areas of work where art, cultural production, technology, personal development and social action all overlap. Providing a space for discussion about our personal and social processes, as well as the things that are produced. Attended by 27 International practitioners.

Hosted by Furtherfield/HTTP

WSFII - 2005.

The World Summit on Free Information Infrastructures. Bringing together practitioners and projects from the front lines of information infrastructure development to map out connections between Free Networks, Open Hardware, Free Media and Culture, Open Maps/Geodata, Open Civic Information and Community Currencies. The two day event took place on Saturday 1st and Sunday 2nd October 2005, at Limehouse Town Hall. Part of the Node.

Archived audio and images from WSFII can be found here:

Up to Speed - 2005.

The Potential of Broadband as a New Space for Research, Development and Production A 3 day conference organised by ACE and the AHRC, hosted by the Watershed in Bristol. Myself & Ruth Catlow ran workshops for Furtherfield's VisitorStudio.

Models For Collective Servers - Are you being served? - 2004.

In the wake of the FBI seizure of Indymedia Uk's commercial servers, Irational.Org, Furtherfield and Ivan Pope hosted at HTTP Gallery, a workshop to look at models for 'collective servers'. Security, legal responsibility, autonomy, collectivism and the 'terms of engagement' between users and administrators of these data 'homes'.

Trondheim Matchmaking - 2003.

Trondheim, Norway. The idea is to create and maintain a meeting place in Trondheim for competence and resources within electronic arts and new technology, both domestic and international. Demonstrating Furtherfield CMS and VisitorsStudio

HTTP [House of Technologically Termed Praxis]

HTTP is London's first dedicated gallery for networked and new media art. Working with artists from around the world HTTP provides a public venue for experimental approaches to exhibiting artworks simultaneously in physical and virtual space, and for online projects that explore participative and collaborative art practice. Artists' projects on DVD, real-time, webcast, software art and live art also play a role in the curatorial work of HTTP.

Curated Exhibitions & Projects at HTTP Gallery.

Abuse of the Public Domain - December 2005 to 23rd January 2006.

First solo show of networked media art by UK artist Stanza. This exhibition featured large-scale projections of 2 works, which use live real-time data from CCTV cameras cited in two cities, London and New York . Security tracking data was Stanza's chosen medium for these process led artworks. Co-curated with Ruth Catlow.

Self-Education At ThE DiStRiBuTeD LiBrArY - Began November 2005.

An open resource for creative research that encourages a re-evaluation of where one stands in the world beyond the established canons, structures, processes and mediation. Open to the public, journals, fact, fiction and theory surrounding Net Art, New Media, Activism, Art & Technology, Wireless technology, Locative Media, Critical Thinking, Anarchism, Feminism, Marxism, Cyber culture and theory, Programming, Psychology, Complexity Theory, Pirate Broadcasting, Politics, Philosophy, Post-modernism, Gay and Lesbian writings, Underground Film and more. providing an informal platform to collaborate and experiment with emerging models of knowledge sharing for local and universal contexts and an opportunity to critique and explore how strategies in digital environments might impact on the organisation of data in physical and social space. Co-curated with Ruth Catlow. HTPP Gallery link -

Wiki Site -

SPIO a de-generative installation - 2005.

SPIO, by Lucas Bambozzi is a ‘self-surveilled’ system based on a robotic device designed for capturing and processing images from a different perspective. An autonomous vacuum cleaner equipped with high sensibility and infra-red CCTV cameras scans the installation space through pre-defined movements and triggers sound and visual events. Curated by Marc Garrett, Ruth Catlow, Tobi Maier.

De-Grammatical: Rhythm and Language Transformation - June 2005.

HTTP gallery presented the work of Austrian artist Elisabeth Penker's, her first solo exhibition in the UK. Curated by Marc Garrett, Ruth Catlow, Tobi Maier.

Eating Canvas - March 2005.

First London showing of UK digital artist Jess Loseby. New media installation of newspaper covered walls and TVs, looped video clips of meal-times in the artist's house. Viewers were invited to interact with the same video loops using a touch screen to display a large scale digital painting overlayed with headlines streamed live from online RSS, news networks. Curated by Marc Garrett & Ruth Catlow.

The Future Is Not What It Used To Be - October to November 2004.

Mika Taanila's documentary film 'The Future Is Not What It Used To Be' entwines the past with the present. In this exhibition, his representation of Erkki Kurenniemi's philosophical journey through digital possibility is juxtaposed, projected in the same space with a physical artwork from that same history, in the form of DIMI-A machine (Digital Music Instrument, Associative Memory). Curated by Marc Garret, Ruth Catlow & Tobi Maier.

Reviews and Articles about Net & Media Art, by Marc Garrett.

DVblog Quicktime Platform - 2005.

Low-fi gets physical at Stills - 2005.

Collaborative Review with Ruth Catlow.

Hack A Day (beta) - 2004.

Revisiting Data Diaries. Cory Arcangel - 2004.

What if I was a rat? Ilona Huss Walin. 2004.

Article for Splintmag/catalogue, nonTVTVstation

PDF version -

At Furtherfield -

Andy Deck Retrospective - 2004.

Views from the ground Floor. Jess Loseby - 2004.

VideoHomeTraining - 2004.

Plug & Pray. Usine de boutons - 2004.

WarProductWar. Mark Cooley - 2003.

Shorts. Joseph & Donna McElroy - 2003.

Sperm phase detector. Nils Edvardsson - 2003.

030807. lo_y - 2003.

Couples. Ivan Pope - 2003.

Superheroes of Humanities. August Highland - 2003.

Frequency Love. Chris Webb - 2003.

Web Cam Theatre. Ivan Pope - 2003.