FurtherStudio real-time, online digital/net art residencies

This project began with the production of the unique FurtherStudio facility that enables audiences to watch artists develop their work online in real-time, offering a landmark interactive tool for digital artists.

The chat and critical forum facilities enable artists, critics and audiences to discuss the work made by the artists for the project in a series of live, globally accessible interviews & critical debates.

In the Visitors' Studio, designed for public participation and collaboration visitors can experiment with the curatorial theme - 'appropriation and ownership of ideas, services, products and images'; uploading, mixing and exhibiting their own works. The visitor's studio is in continual development

The residency programme consists of a series of open studio events in which visitors can observe artists work processes and chat with them online. Over 9 months 3 artists will create their proposed digital/ net art projects with feedback from 3 net art critics.
For general information concerning the project email info@furtherfield.org

FurtherStudio is a Furtherfield project.This facility and artistic programme continues to be developed and designed by a team of artists, artist/curators, artist/programmers and IT specialists:

- concept, design and project co-ordination by Marc Garrett and Ruth Catlow
- programming and design by Neil Jenkins ( www.furtherfield.org & www.devoid.co.uk )
- supported by the Furtherfield team
- funded by the Arts Council of England

in kind sponsorship:
- server, by the wonderful Ivan Pope (www.ivanpope.com)(also thanks to Steve Hanlon)
- kit and a studio by Untangled Web Solutions

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