Pasteups@Watermans Art Centre

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With this project furtherfield were again exploring moves from the net to the street. From the gloss, the fantasy and the magic to walking along a pavement and seeing something that you can't quite make out; from the mesmerizing image to the imagination. People were invited to respond with text and/or images to advertising and the wider world via 2 furtherfield sites: Emotion in Information and Concrete Myrth Posters.

Furtherfield worked with the images and texts that they received from people all over the world to produce a mass of photocopy posters. OnSunday 10th October 1999 all the hoardings and wall spaces in the streets around the Watermans Art Centre were blitzed with Pasteups.



The Pasteups acted as both a glimpse of an unpolished and unpredictable group imagination and as a visual critique of the gallery exhibition !*. It coincided with an open discussion with media studies lecturer and curator Paul Springer, examining the cross-references and influences from conceptualism to pop art, between advertising and art.

*! is an exhibition of recent advertising campaigns, examining the cross-platform use of late twentieth century advertising.