Furtherfield Gallery
Saturday 18 Mar until Sunday 2 Apr 2017

Opening Event: Friday 17 March, 4 – 6pm

Open 11am-5pm, Friday to Sunday


Reference points for a new exhibition by They Are Here

  1. You don’t need to be a voice for the voiceless. Just pass the mic. | Dr. Su’ad Abdul Khabeer
  2. The body can be stopped in a way images cannot. | W.J.T. Mitchell
  3. And what of the stopped body, is it still a migrant? | Heba Y. Amin
  4. Nevertheless, such differences are not always and inevitably instances of division and barriers. | Iain Chambers
  5. Poly Styrene
  6. True identity is something known in one’s heart and recognised in another | John Berger
  7. This name assigned to my body.
  8. A home away from the Home Office.
  9. Migrants Organise
  11. Let’s talk about privileges | Molly Nilsson
  12. Flo
  13. Seeds From Elsewhere
  14. Qual.net
  15. Administrative limbo
  16. Anteneh is on the bench / Anteneh is off the bench
  17. Fame Asylum
  18. Refugee | Nadia Tehran
  19. UNHCR Emergency Handbook
  20. Desiccated Maps
  21. Interview with Lennart | Seecum Cheung
  22. “Imagination of the adjacent possible” | Roberto Mangabeira Unger
  23. Found sign, Montreal, 2016: ‘l’urgence est l’annee’.
  24. Robin Hood Co-op
  25. The Fog of War dir. Errol Morris (2003)
  26. Gulf Labor
  27. Home Office policy on mobile phones and cameras in immigration removal centres, residential short-term holding facilities, pre-departure accommodation and during escort
  28. Tear Dealer | Alicja Rogalska
  29. Bharatanatyam
  30. MX WORLD


Review by David Morris for This is Tomorrow