Decentralised Arts Lab – Cooperative operating systems for the arts

for fairer, healthier more connected arts ecologies and economies

A 3 year co-research and development project, crowdsourcing intelligence and mobilising the mutual interest of diverse international communities and stakeholders enabled by blockchain and p2p web technologies.

New p2p artforms and platform cooperation coming soon…

In the meantime DECAL brings you CryptoPuppers!

A pack of 1000 18ct gold plated ‘Balloon Dog, Sharable Readymades’

From post-scarcity abundance to artificial scarcity and provably rare digital ownership these lil CryptoPuppers, created by Rob Myers for the launch of DECAL, are the dematerialised rematerialised artwork you can bet your hedge fund on*.

Each ‘CryptoPupper’ as been:

  • Consciously conceived
  • Meticulously designed
  • Painstakingly printed in 3D
  • Lovingly moulded in rubber
  • Carefully cast in silver
  • Deftly hand polished
  • Serenely plated in 18ct gold
  • Authoritatively certified by the artist
  • Really registered on the blockchain
  • Boldly exhibited by curators
  • Thoughtfully written about by art critics
  • Owned by art collectors**

*CryptoPuppers are non-fungible tokens worth £2,100,000.

Each sold separately RR £2,100

**Erm, that’s you! Whether you’ve collected art in the past or not, this dog will certifiably make YOU ‘an art collector’. Guaranteed or your money back.

Don’t miss out on the future of art!

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DECAL is a Furtherfield initiative