Art Data Money


As part of the Art Data Money programme, Furtherfield will be developing intriguing, playful and experimental ways for people to extend their appreciation of art and to provide innovative ways to invest in artistic practice.

Come to Furtherfield’s art show to get paid:

Five investment opportunities for the new generation patron:

  1. Acquire a special edition Rhea Myers artwork for the era of digital flows, copying and sharing.
  2. Become a member of activist hedge fund the Robin Hood Collective. Profits are shared and used to generate projects with a commons philosophy.
  3. Trade using Twitter IOUs - #punkmoney is a fully decentralised bartering network for friends, communities and movements.
  4. Commission a Furtherfield Etherium contract that is a participatory (DIWO) artwork, raises funds for new commissions and is exhibited in a future Furtherfield art show.

Promoting open art criticism

Get invested in avant-preneurial artistic practices