Art Data Money

Debate and new alliances to break down barriers and facilitate new exchanges between diverse partners

If you too aim not just for symbolic change, or small change, but actual societal change, then join us to evolve a living, critical practice of contemporary art, data and finance. We welcome individuals and organisations to join the Art Data Money alliance to shape a programme of debates, discussions and actions. If you would like to join please email Ruth Catlow.

DAOWO - the first Art Data Money think tank event will be held in Spring 2016.

It will investigate how a new DAOWO* could produce, experimental prosocial art-tech processes, practices, and experiences; thereby increasing access to new ways of thinking that works for people, environment, society, business AND the arts in the network age.

First to be tested through discussion and collaboration across Furtherfield networks - responding to the DAOWO* paper by Rhea Myers - this gathering will bring together, art workers, arts organisations, tech avant-preneurs1, investors, collectors, sponsors, audiences and participants: thinkers and doers.

* DAOWO - DAO it With Others
DIWO (Do It With Others) is a distributed campaign for emancipatory, networked art practices instigated by Furtherfield in 2006.

A DAO is a Decentralised Autonomous Organization, effectively a corporation or a charitable trust implemented in networked computer code.

Both are decentralised. A DAO has no single point of failure on the network, existing on the blockchain. A DIWO event is organised online and open to participants worldwide.

Both are an application of network technology to social organization. A DAO implements a corporation, charity, club or co­operative. A DIWO event organizes artists, curators and writers to produce and exhibit work together.

Both are rule driven and participatory. A DAO consists of trustless, incorruptible code that serves the interests of its members or clients. A DIWO event is a themed open call for artworks.

Both are ways of managing scarce resources. A DAO manages resources such as a cryptocurrency token or the lock on a door. A DIWO event allocates the productive efforts and attention of an audience and the display space of a gallery.

A DAOWO would be a combination of the two ­ Decentralised Autonomous Organization With Others.

Download the full paper here.

1. Artists, Kit Galloway and Sherrie Rabinovitz used the term "Avant-preneurs" to describe experimental, (beyond-profit) context-creators for the network society (Chandler and Neumark 2005)

Follow @furtherfield and use the hashtag #artdatamoney to contribute to the debate.

Partners include:

Arts Council England
Brett Scott - with London School of Financial Arts
Haringey Council
Foundation for Peer to Peer Alternatives
Robin Hood Coop