Art Data Money

Art Data Money aims to build a commons for arts in the network age

This programme of art shows, labs and debates builds on events as part of Digital Futures: Money No Object with the White Building and V&A in London; recent work by the Money Lab at the Institute of Network Cultures, Amsterdam; We Grow Money, We Eat Money, We Shit Money MDC issue #76, foregrounding interventions into established currency systems by citizens, artists and cultural workers; and the experimental Art Reserve Bank where you can change your money into a new reserve currency created by artists. It is informed by ongoing work at the Foundation for Peer to Peer Alternatives which proposes theories and methods for a transition to a global commons; and by our Reading the Commons group led by Tim Waterman, Research Associate in Landscape Commons, at Furtherfield.

Most crucially it is activated by the art and conversation of hundreds of artists, techies, activists, thinkers and doers with diverse perspectives, who participate from around the world on Furtherfield website and email discussion list Netbehaviour. It is inspired by the art and informed by writing of Rhea Myers, a long-time Furtherfield contributor and advisor. His recent thinking on art for algorithms, accelerationism, art in the era of smart contracts, and the relationship between conceptual art and cryptocurrency, all underpin the curation of our first art show in the series, The Human Face of Cryptoeconomies. It also informs the work we are planning with the help of Brett Scott and the London School of Financial Arts, to demystify contemporary finance and build participation by developing a Distributed Collaborative Organisation for Art Data Money.

Art Data Money responds to the increasing polarisation of wealth and opportunity, and aims to agree a set of actions to build resilience and sustain Furtherfield's communities, platforms and economies.

Building a more resilient future arts economy
Art Data Money is an experimental programme exploring emerging technologies and innovative investment opportunities in order to build a resilient future arts economy that benefits a wider community.

All money that is raised through donations and sales of collectables via bitcoin and sterling will be used to:

We hope that you will join us on this journey of expanding digital arts participation opportunities.

About Furtherfield

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