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October 27, 2011

Video of ZDLT @ Urban Furrows Conference

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This video is an excerpt of the official documentary for Urban Furrows Conference 2011 as part of Maribor European Capital of Culture 2012. The full version is available here.

October 14, 2011

Discussions continue at the conference of Urban Furrows

The conference of Urban Furrows took place over two days (5/10/11 & 6/10/11) when we had the chance to listen to representatives of the other groups who told us about their discussions. Each group had been working on one of the projects with the people they had invited from other organisations and countries.

Panel presentation at the Urban Furrows conference 2011

The discussions and generous exchanges that took place within each group and during the conference left everyone feeling thankful. The feeling was we were getting out of it more than we actually put. As an example of an ecology of sharing it definitely proved useful.

Surrounded by a group of activists, theorists, creative and social practitioners, and generally enthusiasts, Nicolas started his very critical evaluation of the project Città dell’altra economia. (more…)

How to do your own ZDLT? (3 sessions in Maribor)

Tuesday was a full day of workshops. We offered three 2-hour sessions and Nicolas from Binario Etico talked about their project of a store of recycled computers. All these sessions were for the Digital Nomadology group composed by Tomaz, Andrej, Ajda and Tina.

Workshops and Presentations about ZDLT and Binario Etico in Slovenia

Our main concern was to pass on all the ideas behind Zero Dollar Laptop. One of the most important aspects of this project is to demystify the technical, (more…)

City of Maribor welcomes Zero Dollar Laptop

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This was day one of our week in Slovenia. Jake and I came to Maribor to pass on as much information as possible about the Zero Dollar Laptop Project. Tomaz and Tina welcomed us at the airport. They are members of the team that will run FreePc, a project inspired by Zero Dollar Laptop, in Slovenia. The afternoon and evening went quick: there was so much to talk about. (more…)

August 31, 2011

ZDLT @ the Urban Furrows International Congress (Slovenia)

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Furtherfield and Access Space have been invited to run a 2 day ZDLT workshop for future workshop leaders at the Urban Furrows International Congress, Rethinking Potentials, held in Maribor, Slovenia on 5-6 October 2011.

The intensive ZDLT taster session will provide an opportunity for future workshop leaders to share ideas, expertise and know-how with the group; and learn more about successes, challenges and issues from the London pilot. (more…)

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