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April 14, 2010

Workshop Plan 11. Hardware maintenance, laptop customisation, …

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This week week we will have four activities ready. We are trying to cover the different interests participants have told us about. We don’t expect them to complete all 4 activities. We’d like them to focus on the ones they prefer.

1. Opening a blog in WordPress
Participants will be guided through the basic steps they need to follow to open a blog. Once they have their own blog, we will work on the style, choose templates, upload header images, etc. We will have a look at widgets and finally we will create a first post.

2. Customising laptops
Now that they all have their own laptops is time to spray some stencils, print stickers, change wallpapers, in short, make the laptops totally theirs! Participants will become familiar with the PREFERENCES menu and will learn how to adjust the settings of their computers.

3. Linux command line
Since participants have shown interest in going a bit further with the command line, this week’s workshop will also focus on learning new commands and practicing the ones we’ve already learned.

4. Hardware maintenance
Finally, those interested will have the opportunity to get their hands inside the laptops. We will replace hard drives and add RAM to those computers that need it. We have screwdrivers for everyone!


a. Opening a blog in WordPress >>> Download.
b. Customising desktop/windowing >>>> Download.
c. Basic of the Linux command line >>> Download.
d. Basic hardware maintenance >>> Download.

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