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About Rosalind

Rosalind, is an upstart new media art lexicon, born in 2004, following a sheltered 9 month gestation. Feed Rosalind with your own words and definitions to express and declare what you are, what you do and the worlds you create, on your own terms. Influence and mutate her, help her to maturity.

Your words may :

- describe something very particular to your life/experience/work.
- be invented in a moment of desperation.
- arise in conversation with others.
- already be in circulation.



GEST@TION was a networked project in which a small, independent, community of interest collaborated to evolve a new shared textual vocabulary for communicating what they are, what they do and the worlds they are creating.

GEST@TION was a hidden project. This ensured that the vocabulary was able to develop in a nurturing space unmediated and consumed by outside sources and without interference or exploitation by ruthless individuals or institutions;-)

This project was concieved in January 2004 For 9 months the nascent lexicon was fed with words and their definitions.

In early September 2004 we agreed a name for the lexicon- Rosalind- after Rosalind Franklin and launched it to the world to be influenced and mutated and helped to maturity by all who interact with it.

The Gest@tors were: Marc Garrett, Neil Jenkins, Ruth Catlow, Ivan Pope, Helen Varley Jamieson, Karla Ptacek, Andy Deck, Joseph & Donna Mcelroy, Alan Sondheim, Ryan Griffis, Michael Szpakowski, Patrick Lichty, Maya Kalogera, Alexandra Reill.

Original Terms of Use - no longer applicable ;-)

GEST@TION is a hidden project and should not be referenced or
hyperlinked until the gestation period is over.

Please keep the URL, username and password confidential.

Participants may wish to adopt new terms as they are added to the gest@ting lexicon. If so, the person who submitted the term in question should embed the definition in a web page on their own site. The term can then be referenced in the public location.

Rosalind / GEST@TION is a Furtherfield project, originally concieved by Ruth Catlow, Marc Garrett and Neil Jenkins.

Creative Commons License

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons License.

mutate and survive

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