NetArtizens - artists, scholars, citizens of the Net; express & debate the role of the network

Open Call - The NetArtizens Project

Join The NetArtizens Project to explore, express, and debate the role of the network in our individual and collective practice as artists, scholars, educators, and citizens of the Net. You can also contribute to the NetArtizens Open Online Exhibition, an evolving showcase of works submitted between March 2 – April 2, 2015.

During March 2015, Randall Packer, convener of The Art of Networked Practice | Online Symposium, will host a month of discourse and artistic production across 3 network channels. Using any and all available network tools- software, email, browsers, apps, devices etc. - we will discuss, remix, and engage each others’ words and works in the form of utterances, files, behaviours, codes, glitch, protocols, instructions, manifestos, games, and net theories.

How do I get involved?

We provide three online channels that connect & support different modes of collaborative networked art production, discussion, and circulation:

Netbehaviour: Furtherfield's experimental mailing list of net artists, hackers, techies, and activists, a forum for discussion and sharing artistic work. Follow this link to Subscribe. Moderated by Randall Packer, participants are invited to discuss, make, send, receive and remix things (or links to things) via email. Your inbox is part of a distributed, collective artwork.

Twitter: A global network of micro bloggers & commentators will follow @netartizens on Twitter, an ongoing narrative of the project offering comments, links, media, and social taxonomies for remix using the #netartizens hashtag.

Op3nR3p0: Glitch-artists and hacker-makers from the demo scene and emerging digital arts culture submit your artworks to the open repository, providing metadata: name, title and description of your work for inclusion in the NetArtizens Open Online Exhibition. Op3nR3p0 is a project of Nick Briz & Joseph Yølk Chiocchi.

From March 2 - April 2, 2015 the three channels of The NetArtizens Project will be noisy with your net behaviours, online commentaries and artistic work. All project activity, questions and issues will be incorporated into the culminating virtual roundtable global exchange that takes place on the final day of The Art of The Networked Practice | Online Symposium, Thursday 2 April, 4:00 PM – 5:30 PM SGT. Moderated by Randall Packer, the discussion will involve leading media artists and theorists from around the world participating in the symposium, including: Vibeke Sorensen, Jon Cates, Lev Manovich, Charlotte Frost, Melinda Rackham and Furtherfield Co-directors Ruth Catlow and Marc Garrett. See programme for additional details.

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