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painting flower


painting of flowers One of my main pieces of my manifesto work. Acrylic painting of flowers using the different types of shades of paint.


More focused images and documentation of this project can be found on my flickr acount



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“”manifesto”" loosly describes and explains tghe means behind these works of art/ line of art

some work held responsible to leading up to the consiouce decisions to creatining these directed though not pre-planed nor controlled painting/drawings. Initial stages of discovering the style and picking out characteristics to apply to the personal manifesto. bellow


bellow.. being the most dominant (and original of the series) for inspirational to lead my manifesto for the “”manifesto”"


Manifesto – Paper Fashion.

For this I decided to go down a fashion-based route, as it was something which I hadn’t explored before. I wanted it to be different, and to be haute couture. Wearable art. And the unconventional material which I settled on was paper. These are what came from my initial designs and ideas.

Remix and Appropriation – Magazines.

For this I intended to bring the classic in the contemporary. To bring iconic females from historical paintings into a more modern setting, and where more fitting than on the cover of fashion magazines, today’s most common place to see famed females.

Polaroid Problems

As part of my C.A.A manifesto project and through my general love for polaroid photographs I have documented a series of both accidental and purposely over or under-exposed prints in my collection. I am particularly interested in what constitutes art and how mistakes can actually make an artwork more interesting or original. I love how in some prints whole objects or people are simply missing,and how the sun and exposure in some of the prints create an original and abstract effect that can’t be captured with out the ‘mishap’ of over exposure.

group shot, too dark

crowd of people , missing


missing sky


C.A.A Art

Here are some of my Clumsy Awareness Art works based on my art manifesto. These pieces I guess are typography sculptures or collage’s , they are all mediums I would not usually attempt to use such as glass, wire, grass, polystyrene and others. The common theme of my art is a sort of humour that comes with a clumsy act of dropping a glass, breaking a frame or spilling paint. By injecting a form of humour into everyday mishaps the embarrassment that comes with them subsides.


Spilt fence paint


I Broke the Canvas Again

I Can't Get This Stain Out

I Dropped The Chips

apple OOPS

Sorry Frame

Clumsy Caterpillars and Bad Butterflies

Cocoon video – click here for video

I constructed a large cocoon from salvaged and recycled materials (based on my written Manifesto). Volunteers ‘acted’ out metamorphosis type activities, in a fun way, where they emerge from the cocoon a better, more relaxed person than when they entered it.

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