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Purpleism Manifesto

Purpleism Manifesto

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The creative practice of the 21st century artist needs no set of guidelines, rules, or regulations in order to be a meaningful and fruitful endeavour. As such, the following guidelines, rules, and regulations have been constructed to guide and rule and regulate in the loosest sense of these words.

1- Make for the sake of making. Make to keep yourself alive. Make to keep yourself believing in something more than the opinions of peers and strangers alike. Make art, real and uninhibited art. As long as you’re making then nothing else matters.

2- Independent practice is a misleading term. Do not be independent in your practice. Lean on the findings of other artists, visit galleries and museums and never stop looking at art. Unabashedly take influence from everything around you.

3- Let the work speak to itself. Always have it in conversation with past pieces and allow it to inform future pieces. Continuous practice is vital to maintaining a level of coherency.

4- Record work for critical journaling. Adopt a neurotic lifestyle of talking to yourself constantly, talk and talk and talk and discuss with yourself where your work has been, where it’s going, where you are stuck, where you want to slow down. Critique yourself on a regular basis and understand how to make progress.

5- Stay accountable as an artist, share your practice. Utilise the tools of the 21st century and keep social media updated with your work. Art is to be seen, so allow it to be seen.


Point Of View.


For my point of view project I experimented with photography and sculptures before making my final piece.

My starting point was Yorkshire, where I took photos related to point of view which is what influenced me to look at frames. I experimented with making frames and using them in different ways until I made this series.

Overall I am really happy with the way my frames have turned out visually how engaging they are.



This is the first part of my assemblage project. I started with a few ideas that I wanted to try, I experimented with some paint and then liked the idea of using natural elements. I live near a woods and with Halloween coming up I liked the idea of using a painted tree and attaching things I found out in the woods. I also found a small trunk that I wanted to use but it is still damp. I am considering using that for the next part of the project. i used emulsion paint for the back ground and then acrylic for the colours. It was difficult sticking on the objects and I hope they stay on there for presentation !

Memories in stand still

The  stream

First Flight

I decided to capture some memories that I have of my childhood on paper. I used charcoal, I blacked out the whole page and then brought the lighter tones back in to it as well as adding detail with willow charcoal. I really enjoy this technique and find I can still get a good effect even without it being in great detail. The stream is a place that I used to play in when I was younger near my house. First flight is the sculpture that used to be on top of the fountain in the Harvey Centre which is an image memory that seems to stick because I loved how it looked and reflected.


Identity 2


For the second part of my identity project my aim is to express myself through a live performance.
I will be using movement in combination with the medium of print to convey my inner sense of self and place in the world.

Arrrrgghhh – Totes embarrassing on Identity

I painted my self portrait in gouache. This was my first attempt at using this medium. In my house I’m always in demand, so me and my time is ultimately stretched to the limit! Don’t feel bad for me though, as I wouldn’t have it any other way!

Self Portrait

Laura's portrait</a

I copied a photo I had of myself looking like I was thinking. Portrait is not a strong point for me so i decided to cover half of my face with newspaper snippets. I only used pieces of writing and this represents that half my life is still unwritten. I mounted it and cut up a colourful piece of paper i had painted on. i arranged these which represent my colourful thinking and attitude towards my life and future.

Self Identity Video

This video was made taking photos and using the method of stop motion. Using the meaning of Self Identity, I decided to relate it to the Past, Present and Future. I chose building blocks and you see me building a structure, knocking it down and then building it into something different, which defines my past where I have built up many personal things in my life and had to start again. My present, which is my children, my world. And then the flower representing my future, where I pick the petals off and then they are placed back on. The metaphor being related to ‘rejuvenation’. Reviving something in order to make it better. Although the flower is placed back exactly the same, just the very fact it was able to, gives it hope that it can get carry on growing.

identity and portraiture


for this project i decided to create a stop motion video on a conversation i had with the receptionist of my doctors surgery about my student finance application as it frustrated me. for my portrait i created a series of images of my different hair styles to represent 'the evolution of me'