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Would you keep it down? I’m trying to have a quiet drink.

What do you feel when you’re sitting in a bar and keep hearing other people conversations by accident? Just little snippets? …Annoyed? …Would it not hurt people to keep it down so we could have a nice quiet drink? Maybe it’s the wrong time/place?
In this piece, I tried to recreate this idea by making it quite repetitive and loud. This gives the listener the same thoughts/feelings as if they were in the situation in real life.

‘Severe Weather Conditions’

The theme of my piece was the severe weather that has been going on in Britain, Europe and the USA over the past few weeks. I wanted my sound art to have a performative feel, and based the piece around extracts from a number of different extracts from poetry and prose, which shared the theme of winter weather. I then manipulated my voice and added sounds recorded from my own environment, as well as clips of weather forecasts and soud footage of the snowstorms in New York from the past few weeks. I tried to create a feeling of the danger of these severe weather conditions in the piece. I was inspired by performance artists and performance poetry.

Surround Sound

I took a recording in my staff room at work. I then took a sound of someone playing a tune with metal spoons. I edited the sounds together and played around with the tempo.

F**king Stoners

This creation of sound art was was heavily influenced by my enviroment, while having to endure a 30min train ride alone in a carrige with two stoners, their horrendous laughter, and chavy speech. i had to wonder if they were high at the time or not, in my curiosity i wondered what sound was like when high and wether they rememberd the topics they talked about or could even recall define moments in their conversations. so after recording various points in their conversations i added sounds relating to their topic of conversation and layered and manipulated their voices.

The formation of landscape through sound

Here I produced a piece of work that portrayed landscape in a new way, for example by using sound. I decided to do this by using the flute, I started off by creating a short tune in my head and adapted it to generate a new perception of landscape. In my opinion, the flute captures the presence of the outdoors with country views and sounds, therefore thinking that this would be the perfect instrument to create sound with. At first I wasn’t going for the dark and mysterious sounds but as time went on, it grew on me so I decided to work on it some more. I think that by reversing and echoing the flute during various stages of the performance, this in effect changed the sound that came from the flute, which in turn made this piece unique.


Here is my Sound art piece which I created using everyday sounds that we hear. I wanted to keep the beginning with hardly any change to the sounds to just focus on overlapping and playing them together. As my piece goes on I manipulated the sounds more, until you can’t really tell what the beginning sound was. I also wanted the beginning and end to have similarities in the piece.

The Guitar Clock

This piece includes various sounds of my everyday life. I wanted to make many layers of sounds building up, as well as experiment with different pitches and speeds. The Title ‘The Guitar Clock’ Resembles looking back at past memories then fast forwarding to present ones.

Hope You Enjoy

Tension’s Cacophony

An arrangement of collected sounds; edited to create a dark, almost cinematic atmosphere. A particular concept I enjoyed was the bastardization of the river trickling water, a sound usually characterized in relaxation. The accompanying tracks potentially warp our view of this idea, posing questions to the liquid sound’s actual origin of being simply water, or something more sinister – the metallic scratching reinstating this aura of unease.

A reading of ‘Ways of Seeing’ by John Berger

A sound about seeing, the human eye, the mechanical eye.

The eye is like a vortex of visual information, so the recording sounds like a vortex of draining information, sounds, the noise of something physical and visual.

Remix Madness

This is a piece of sound art I created, I researched a few sound artists to get some inspiration, but none of them used current methods of creating sound. I then decided to look at a few people I studied for my music studies a few years ago, for example Steve Reich and his Electric Counterpoint 3rd Movement which interested me the most as it creates a sense of you’re not sure about what’s coming next.
When coming to create the Remix Madness, I used a piece of music I randomly put together last year thinking it may come in handy at some point. I then mixed it around with another voice and piano piece I found on my iPod by an unsigned artist.
I felt if I had more time to work on this I could have created a few tracks from this one and stripped the track right back on concentrated on each movement of the piece, but I’m very pleased of how it turned out. Hope you enjoy! :)