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Woman of The Wood

For my response to the Identity project I created a small exhibit using a natural theme, I used self photography to show my personal connection with nature and its surroundings. I printed an image and made more features predominant to illustrate the texture of the ground floor. I also created a floral atmosphere with smell and natural material.

Woman of the Wood

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Collage and Assemblage

remix and appropriation




Here are my two assemblages that are based on the
theme of childhood. My assemblages are inspired by
Joseph Cornell and Becki Smith by using boxes to
create their work. I used frames. My first assemblage
is about when you were younger and you came up with
so many ideas of what you wanted to play with/do. I
stuck frames together to create the effect of different
thoughts in your mind. My second collage is a beach.
When I think of my childhood a lot of my memories
are based around trips to the seaside, so I made a
beach feel to my second assemblage.

Aura Installation


Based on the idea of having a creative “fire/ Autumn themed” aura, i have created my own exhibition/ installation based on the idea of my personal identity, which the viewer can interpret in their own personal way.

My Identity

Me and my horse

My Identity


Identity revisited.

I made these images to reflect a gripe I have lately with “judging a book by its cover”

In a Gillian Wearing style, I put a quick explanation of each persons situation, as an answer to a certain prejudgement that could be made by a person.

All by myself



tubes blog

My response to the identity and portraiture project takes the form of a book.
I toyed with many ideas in my sketchbook, using mixed media to explore the subject.
Amidst my struggle I suddenly came to the realisation that what I thought were sketches and notes were actually finished pieces. It has led me to reflect on my previous work.
The artists’, Mia Christopher and Bobby Baker both display sketchbooks and diary drawings as a response to their identity.
The images in my book are quite diverse but all respond to how I feel about myself and seek to discover how I have become the person I am right now.
I have worked onto copies of my adoption papers with quite immediate drawings and alternative text.
The book is not yet finished as there is still much to discover about myself. It is an ongoing journey.
If I was to display the work in a gallery I would probably scan individual pages and wall mount, perhaps in some form of chronological order.

I also constructed a small collection of specimen pots in response to some of my drawings. These contain fragments/specimens of my identity.

A link to some of the images contained in my identity book.

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Hidden Identity




Here are my three paintings based on the theme of identity.
For these pieces I wanted to show emotions/memories that
people hide from people. I did this by painting one eye with
good emotions/memories and the other bad. I also wanted
to extend my idea so I painted the Whole face half good,
half bad. I didn’t want to put much detail in the face to keep
the eyes as the main focus point.

DOCP Identity 2014

Excessive Stress Control

My self portrait was created in about 2 days, using oil pastels and chalks, I was able to represent the haze of being tired, stressed or otherwise deblitated. The title of the Piece is “excessive stress control” It is a look at how my mind overcomes tasks, lacking dedication in many areas of life I feel as though this piece, despite its blaring and loud color pallette as a body of work that has shown my ability to look past my natural borders of expression and focus all primal feelings into a large piece of work. something I could not do previous to this piece. I have enjoyed using this format as a way to express something that would ususally go unsaid. during the time of creation I was homeless, this meant the amount of time I had to spend on this piece were almost limitless, infact somewhat preferable than wandering the streets. I can see this piece leading onto a series of larger-scale pieces in a similar style, maybe not the same medium but similar style to capture this imaginative introspective into my own mind.

The video piece I presented, titled “I know how my story ends” again is an inside look at my previous struggles throughout university. It spins a tale of coping and suffering, addition and subtraction. For much of my young adulthood I have relied heavily on social activities like drinking and taking drugs to give me a personality or convince others I am worth knowing or spending time with. this unfortunately has not helped me grow as a person where real life situations such as working or education are concerned. This piece exists as a turning point as each element in the video represents the process of giving and taking away. for example, The chair spinning represents a lack of clarity in my life, never stopping but never actually doing anything, instead being tormented by thought of what I should do or should have been doing. The video of me smoking, being progressively sped up represents how I deal with a great many emotions instead of confronting them I would rather participate in an activity that damages my mental and physical person. The drinking element is a nod to the last 2 years of my life, battling with addiction and depression ultimately led me down the road to a career and some premise or aim in my life. my vast knowledge of alcohol culture led me to get a job in a pub- effictively meeting hundreds of new people and helping me achieve freedom from my addictions. I have always liked the use of video to tell a story or express an idea, I hope my video is able to relate to the viewer by perhaps fueling some imagination as to the subject or idea of the film. I believe that all of the elements used in the video can be interpreted differently and that for me, is the most important use of this video. not to tell my own story but to give a platform to tell your own story.