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Impression of a young mind

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Series of gifs that represent the impressions of a young mind.



My world

This is my work about the world and all the different countries landmarks and identity.

My Website

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This is my first Net Art piece, while trying to ‘have a go’ at all aspects of html techniques I also found inspiration from artists Thompson and Craighead, particularly how they used an amalgamation of information made available to them only through the net, and created something that was so powerful.
Their work showed me how things can come together to make something entirely new , it just depends what you do with it.

My own work attempts to show ways in which social media can be used, in a very simple way, to collect information and create some kind of artistic response with this information. In my case this information was about my home town Southend-on-sea. While I don’t pretend to be a computer whizz, I am proud of this work simply because it was something new I explored.

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My piece for our net art landscape and environment brief.
I wanted to build onto what I did my my audio project, to further go forward with that theme. Starting with video recordings, I turned them into GIF animations and incorporated in text, but as I hit a mental block and ultimately a brick wall, I was further inspired by Miley Cyrus’s “Drive”. The multiple clips work in conjuncture with it, giving a literal visual snapshot of the song.

Note: The audio doesn’t seem to work in Firefox, but does in Internet Explorer. I haven’t tested it in any other browsers.


Masks – click here for more photos

Out of interest I drew and made these masks.


Wallpaper – click here for more images

These are the tiles I designed as wallpaper for my net art project.

Illustrations for web story

Illustrations for web story – click here for more photos

Illustrations for web story as part of my Landscape and Environment net art project.