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Arrrrgghhh – Totes embarrassing on Identity

I painted my self portrait in gouache. This was my first attempt at using this medium. In my house I’m always in demand, so me and my time is ultimately stretched to the limit! Don’t feel bad for me though, as I wouldn’t have it any other way!

Self Portrait

Laura's portrait</a

I copied a photo I had of myself looking like I was thinking. Portrait is not a strong point for me so i decided to cover half of my face with newspaper snippets. I only used pieces of writing and this represents that half my life is still unwritten. I mounted it and cut up a colourful piece of paper i had painted on. i arranged these which represent my colourful thinking and attitude towards my life and future.

Self Identity Video

This video was made taking photos and using the method of stop motion. Using the meaning of Self Identity, I decided to relate it to the Past, Present and Future. I chose building blocks and you see me building a structure, knocking it down and then building it into something different, which defines my past where I have built up many personal things in my life and had to start again. My present, which is my children, my world. And then the flower representing my future, where I pick the petals off and then they are placed back on. The metaphor being related to ‘rejuvenation’. Reviving something in order to make it better. Although the flower is placed back exactly the same, just the very fact it was able to, gives it hope that it can get carry on growing.

identity and portraiture


for this project i decided to create a stop motion video on a conversation i had with the receptionist of my doctors surgery about my student finance application as it frustrated me. for my portrait i created a series of images of my different hair styles to represent 'the evolution of me'

Paint Mask

This is my video i created by reversing the film and speeding up the video. I poured paint down the subjects face.

Ami’s Trees

This is a stop motion of a ink painting of a tree. I used a mixture of Quicktime and Final Cut Pro to edit , speed up and add sound to my video. The audio is a remixed Instrumental version of Snow Patrol’s Chasing Cars.

6fps video, selfportrait , me taking Maserati Ghibli for spin

‘Shouty Shit’ Video.

Using the same meaning as the portrait, I expanded my skills on final cut pro and quicktime to make this video. I collaged and overlapped many videos, to show the excitement, the amount of energy, the happiness that comes from this ‘scary shouty shit’ environment. The soundtrack I didn’t create alone, I just left the sound in the videos I overlapped. I want the audience to not be taken away away from the videos and the constant laughter… We’re really not that scary, I promise.
Click on screenshot for direct link to youtube to view!

Screen Shot 2015-09-28 at 00.08.53

‘Shouty Shit’

Aside from my ‘alternative’ group of friends, other friends and family call the type of metal music I listen to and the people as ‘scary’ by their looks and the music as ‘shouty shit’. Using that term, it reminded me of the fact I am the type of person to rant about life, and how I have a unique approach of looking at the world. This lead me onto typing a rant, spelling mistakes and all because who gives a shit really, and making a silhouette of my face and using a stencil cutting technique to create features of my face. This is who I am to a T.


8 Months Set Alight

I recorded the past 8 months in polaroids (with accompanying captions). The highs, the lows, the moments you want to forget. So I did just the latter, by setting those ones on fire.