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Welcome to the Visitors Studio

The Visitors Studio is an open, multi-user, online arena for creative dialogue, and collective performance where we invite you to chat, mix and upload files to participate in the creation of new work.

* No registration is necessary - just type your username and press <return>.

* If you would like your username to be exclusive to yourself then simply:

    - Create a username
    - Type a password
    - Enter your email address

Your username will now be regisitered.
* note - your email will not be disclosed to any 3rd Parties.

Once you are in the Visitors Studio feel free to interact and participate in the creation of new work with others from around the globe.

All information regarding how to use the Visitors Studio can be accessed using this manual.

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The Furtherfield team is currently developing a programme of live, real-time multimedia performances on VisitorsStudio. Please contact us with your proposals which might include screenshots of your mixes.

The Furtherfield Team

How to Mix?

Manual by Chris Webb