12 noon Sunday 28th November at HTTP/ Furtherfield

In the wake of the FBI seizure of Indymedia Uk's commercial servers, Irational.Org, Furtherfield and Ivan Pope are hosting a workshop to look at models for 'collective servers'.

We wish to ask a series of questions regarding security, legal responsibility, autonomy, collectivism and the 'terms of engagement' between users and administrators of these data 'homes'.

With a reinvigorated notion of the 'Commons' through online information systems we propose to discuss pragmatic policy and constitution in relation to servers and their communities and arrive at some workable models that satisfy the geeks and the non-techies, the artists and the activists.


Existing models
- Ivan Pope proposes model of a 'server collective' and discusses Furtherfield hosting.
- Heath Bunting presents irational.org and sparror.cubecinema.com
- Rachel Baker will present some off-the-shelf commercial solutions.
- Simon Worthington presents OpenMute

Lunch- food and drink provided

The Collective Server
Contribute to planning the specifications of 'the collective server'.
Draw on your experiences and your requirements.
Share your resources.

Places are limited
To book a place please contact: info@furtherfield.org

Time : 12 noon Sunday 28 November
Place : Furtherfield @ HTTP
Unit A2, Arena Design Centre
71 Ashfield Rd
N4 1NY


Nod to Artservers Unlimited http://asu.sil.at/

Food and drink provided and supported by the Arts Council of England.